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Mom just diagnosed b cell lymphoma non germinal

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Hi everyone my mother was just diagnosed with lymphoma b cell thats non germinal she is 69 has a lot of health problems diabeet,s 3 heart attacks , high blood pressure ,are the main ones So i am wondering what this means i have heard people say that lymphoma is very treatable  but the dr said that a non germinal diagnosis was a bit worse so if anyone has any information etc please just jump in thank you.

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Hi mojojo,

I'm not familiar with non germinal lymphoma, but wanted to offer my support and good wishes to you and your mom with the challenges she's facing. I have mediastinal large b-cell lymphoma. Is your mom going to be receiving chemo or any other treatment for the lymphoma? It sounds like treatment will be challenging with her other health issues. I'm sure you'll be hearing from more of the folks on this site soon, there is a wealth of knowledge, experience, and support to be found among the members here.

Wishing you and your mom all the best.



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Hello Mojojo,

I am so sorry to hear about your mom.  My mom was diagnosed with Large B Cell Intravascular Lymphoma In October.  My mom's type is in the Blood (very much like a Leukemia).  My mom is 82 and had no other health problems until her diagnosis.  Lymphoma is treatable, but can be challenging with age and prior health issues.  Has her doctor told you whaT their plan is?  My mom started with chemo R-CVP.  After two rounds, it was not working.  They just switched her to Rituxan/Bendemustine.  The chemo is working better, but she is dealing with infections ex. Urinary and blood.  I take one step at a time.   There are wonderful people here who offer support and prayers. I truly believe it is all the prayers that have helped my mom. 


Prayers to you and your family,



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Hi the pathology report from the biopsy says large diffuse b cell lymphoma ,non germinal center phenotype, she is going to have a pet scan next week, and discussing with her heart doctor to see if her heart can take the chemo. So thats all that we know for now. Thank you all for your input and support. I am just wondering what to expect trying to stay positive and not get worried.Once again thank you

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