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Please help me save my mom

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About 2 weeks back, my mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 klatskins tumor - cancer of the bile duct that has spread to her liver and the lungs. 
The diagnosis was done in India and the doctors did an ERCP to place metal stents that controlled the jaundice and hyper acidity that she was suffering from.
Doctors here are telling me that her disease is beyond the scope of treatment and chemotherapy would just make her life difficult.  
I saw these posts on CSN and it gave me some hope. I work in the US and was hoping to know if there were any specialized doctors/treatments or anything at all I could do to save her. I understand how helpless this feels and how painful it is when it happens to a loved one.
I would greatly appreciate any help on this. My email is deepti.jchandra@gmail.com and my contact number is 571-420-3681/571-488-4502
God bless,


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Hi Dee,

I'm not sure if I can help you or not, but here is my mom's story.  Mom was dx with HCC with mets to the bones back in Oct 12.  She has done radiation for her back pain, which made things worse on her.  Alot of nausea, vomiting and heartburn.  She has since started on Nexavar with milk thistle and Vit k.  Her first tumor marker was done 11-2-12 and it was 456, on 11-27-12 it went to 325, with no treatment.  After being on the Nexavar for 3 weeks and only taking 2 pills in the am and 1 pill in the pm, milk thistle for 3 months and we just added the vit k.  She has lost 29 lbs total.  We are hoping that when she gets some strenght back and not as weak we can discuss Y90.

The most important thing to remember is to not give up and don't stop believing.  Here is my email address if you ever want to talk. vmdavis@live.com

God Bless


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