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I have been cancer free for 4 1/2 years.  Recent Pet showed very low level of SUV uptake ( 1.3) in an area I have had since first PET they refer to it as a bleb.  Before Cat and Pet scan I had a sinus and upper respiratory infection.  Has anyone else ever had an infection light up on PET. Dr wants to watch it for 3 months. If it is not due to infection, does that mean the SUV uptake will just continue to increase with each PET? Could it stay at the current 1.3 SUV uptake?

I appreciate any info you can help me with.



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I just got home from Vats to remove entire rt lung(all three lobes) and my Doctor did say they would do a CT in 2 months not a PET because inflammation from the surgery could light up PET. I think that he was being honest with you. Doesn't make it less scary to wait. My prayers are with you.

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The right procedure is to watch to see if it grows.  I told you about my ct indicating a 5mm nodule which after 3 month was gone.  More than likely caused by my cold and cough I had.  Suv of 2 and under could be caused by inflammation.  When I was scanned following anal cancer tx my suv in that area was 4.3 and that was inflammation.  Pet scans are so sensitve that inflammation will be picked up.  I think the waiting is the hardest part and hope your next scan is clear. Lori

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I had a second PET Nov 01, I'm not an MD but the lower left lobe area lit up.  It took me until the third week in Dec to get a biopsy as the MD's who did a following CT scan said nothing showed on the CT scan.  For a month or so, and many doctors, I could not find one who thought the lit part of the PET was important or cancer.  I don't know how I knew, but I knew something was wrong with me since spring.  Anyhow, I did not give up,  I finally got the biopsy of the area, Dec 24, probably ordered to get me off all their backs.  Needless to say, the biopsy showed malignancy.  I did change doctors as there was one oncologist I trust and is just wonderful and he did not work with my current doctor, so I changed my current doctor.

It was a major fight to get that biopsy, just my gut feeling and friends never letting me fall, they kept me going not to give up.

Jan 30 I had the VATS on the lower left lobe.  It was stage 3A by then.  The doctor said they got it all but I do need chemo in case they missed a flosting cell.  I start my chemo Monday and yes, I am very scared.  Being 63 and just recently single, well, it's hard......

Moral-ALWAYS trust your instincts.  We know our bodies.  And think how lucky we are to live in a place in time whaere our survival rates go up and up!

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I also had to insist on testing to see if I had lc after the pneumonia would not clear up.   My instincts told me it was lc, because I was just not the same person.  Stage 4 lc mets to arm and pelvis.  I just finished my fourth round of chemo, it is not as bad as I feared, and the radiation has been the hardest part for me.  Sending you good thoughts and prayers.

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