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One of Us!?

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(Please don't read anything political in this at all)


Last night I was listening to the State of the Union address. (I am a radio guy and, besides, I was fixing the microwave) At one pojnt I went to the basement where my son was watching the response on tv (school assignment) and just as I looked at it, Rubio reaches off camera and gets a bottle of water, drinks, and resumes reading the speech from the teleprompter. I immediately yelled to my son: "Hey, he's one of us!" I think he got it.


You see, if I talk for very long at all I have to have my water - glass or bottle - and take a small sip to go on. Then I talk for a few minutes and go on again. I wil post some clips from a talk show and from a recent speech to show you.


All this time, politicians have been trying to show that they are just like us... and this one finally succeeded!



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