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Surgery/Pathology Results

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Kathy G.
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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share my pathology results from my 1-28-13 surgery. I went for my post op appointment today and it was reported I had stage 1a - grade 1 endometroid adenocarcinoma that penetrated the myometrial wall 11%. The cervix, ovaries,  fallopian tubes, and lymph nodes are uninvolved with no sign of disease.

I am SO relieved! I only have to go in for pelvic exams every 3 months for 2 years and then twice a year for the following 3 years alternating with my regular GYN.

I still am recovering from a nasty UTI I have had since my discharge from the hospital almost 2 weeks ago, but I can hardly complain about that!

I still plan on being actively involved on the boards as I have found such a sisterhood here and have learned so much the past few months. I thank everyone who responded to my posts and provided such support...especially when my surgery was delayed!

My best to all...


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I am so happy for you for your good results!  Sealed





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Wouldn't we all love to have this great news....  Bet you've learned a bit more about the "importance of quality life" and how it can change simply over night?


Best to you!


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Who'd ever think cancer could be good news but your results certainly are.  I am delighted for you!  Stay healthy.

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WOW!  You are truly Blessed!  Congradulations and continued health!  Best, Debrajo

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Good news!!!

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That's great.  I am so happy for you.   I am new here. I had the same exact results.  It really eases your mind when you get news like that.  My surgery was Dec. 31st. so I spent New Year's Eve in the hospital, but didn't care.  I just wanted it over. I just went for my first check up and did great.  But I still hold my breath until I get the results.  God bless

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Great getting news on no further treatment and we will just watch.  That is great news.  trish

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Double Whammy
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so you can look back on this experience and learn from it.  I know how relieved you must feel.  It's been 2 1/2 years since my diagnosis/surgery - same stage and grade as you.  It did take me almost 2 years to relax because afterall, they are checking for that small percentage of us who will have a recurrence, but as time goes by with "all clears", it just gets better. 

I hope you do stay on these boards.   I believe we can bring hope to new members to hear from those of us who had the same worries and fears prior to surgery but had good outcomes.  And - I feel a true connection to all the women here and want to maintain that relationship as we all experience our individual journeys.


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I am so happy for you.   Just having to have exams for follow up is wonderful news.  Enjoy each day.  In peace and caring.

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Hi Kathy:

  That is really wonderful news about your cancer.  I am really glad and happy that your cancer was caught very early.  May you continue to remain with No evidence of disease forever - but do go for ALL your checkups it is So important.

  I was diagnosed two years ago (in Feb. of 2011) with Stage 1 of UPSC.  So far, I have remained with No Evidence of Disease as I went through the standard 6 rounds of chemo and three rounds of radiation. I just hope I can continue to remain with No evidence of disease forever.

  Enjoy every day and make the most of each day.  

  I know getting a cancer diagnosis is very scary and it has changed me and now I enjoy each and every day and make the most of my time.


All the best to you,




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Shell bug
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That is fabulous news, so happy for you! 


Sisters three
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Thank goodness! I'm so happy for you!

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So very, very happy for you!  Smile



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Great news.  Good for you. Enjoy each day of life.

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That is such wonderfuly news Kathy!

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That's just the best news - and we all love to hear it!


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Kathy G.
Posts: 167
Joined: Dec 2012

Thank you to everyone who posted above! I feel so blessed, but as also mentioned this diagnosis and emotional process sure changes you! I have really worked on changing my attitude about a million different things over the past few months....'not sweating the small stuff' and 'taking time to smell the flowers' are 2 sayings that come to mind. I feel like my life has changed in so many ways yet outwardly appears the same. I have learned to truly appreciate the gifts I have no matter how small and not rush to judgement as quickly about people and situations....especially with my poor husband and other family members who could easily get on my last nerve. Sealed

I don't have the massive amount of experience and knowledge many of you have, but I do hope to stay on and like Suzanne said share my support with newcomers as well as my personal experience in defining quality of life. Also, as I have observed from reading the board some people disappear and you wonder what happened to them b/c you identified with their journey or stage of disease and are now left wondering if the worst has happened...

May everyone enjoy Valentine's Day!






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Hi kathy!


That is great that your dx was stage 1a grade 1!  You must feel so relieved.  I know what you mean about how this changes your life.  We really do appreciate even simple things in life more now.  I was diagnosed in Jan of 2012 with stage 1a grade 2 and had surgery on Feb 17th.  My Path report came back with a positive pelvic wash so I did three rounds of chemo which ended in April 2012.  I feel like I've learned a lot, too.  I know I haven't been through anywhere near what many of the ladies on this board have gone through (and sometimes don't even feel like I should post here because of that). But maybe you and I (and Suzanne and others) do have things we can share.


It's not easy to go through a cancer dx and treatment at any stage!  We still have to go to our chceck-ups every 3 months and hope for the best.  Recurrance at stage 1 are rare but they do happen once in awhile.  It helps a lot to know there are others out there who understand.  I get a little anxious before every check-up.  I just went in for my one year check yesterday.  They say it gets better the further out you are.  I still get "cancer head", too.  If there's any blessing in all of this it has been getting to know so many strong, wonderful women who are survivors! 


Bless you and live each day in health and joy!


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Recurrence at Stage 1 is rare, but it does happen.  I was one of the unlucky ones (but I reckon that I've taken the "hit" for our team, so everyone else should be OK!).  No cancer was found during my hyst (just atypical hyperplasia) so it was a big blow to hear 7 years later that I had a recurrence of cancer!  But I am still here and fighting.

Just make sure that you keep all your follow up appointments and report any symptoms, no matter how minor they seem.  It does get easier the farther out you get.  Most recurrences are found within the first three years, so after that the chances are very, very slim (I took that "hit" too!).

Above all - move forward and enjoy every day.  I don't think that you ever forget about having had cancer - it's truly life changing.  But after a while, the mind and body do seem to have a way of tucking it away in a compartment and only letting it sneak out occasionally!


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