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Not enough oxygen after chemo for non small cell adenocarcinoma 3B lung cancer

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in September my friend was diagnosed with the lung cancer - adenocarcinoma non small cell lung cancer 3B with mets to the lymph nodes.
he underwent 35 of tomotherapy (5 days a week) and 6 chemo (taxol + two other meds, once a week). At the end of December he developed a very high fever and was taken to the hospital. He was put on bipap, 100 on oxygen, and that brought his fever immediately down. He is also on steroids. He lost 20 pounds.
Doctors dont know what is going on, they think it might be pulmonary fibrosis developed after chemo. They decided to do the bronchoscopy but it didnt show anything - just added to my friend's fatigue tremendously. Has anybody had a similar experience after the chemo, please?
Thank you so much
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So sorry to hear about your friends problem.  I have stage four adenocarcinoma.  I had concurrent chemo and radiation too and it was very exhausting.  I never had anything like this happen.   Maybe one of the doctors who monitor the boards at cancergrace.org can advise you.  

Please let us know what they say. 

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