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pain after tram flap

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I had tram flap surgery in October.  Everything seems to have healed fine, but in the past couple weeks, I have a severe pain to the right and just above my belly button.  It hurts to raise my arms to wash my hair, hang clothes up, put dishes away, etc.  I can't lay flat on my back anymore.  There are some mornings I wake up in tears because the pain is so intense.  My ps says pain is to be expected for up to a year following the surgery, even new pains.  Anyone have experience with this? Thanks.

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You should probably get your Primary Care Physician or Onc. to actually physically examine that.  Maybe some pain is to be expected but if you are waking up in tears with intense pain - it is for sure worth having it checked out.  A hernia if very common after a TRAM especially when you get to feeling better and accidently 'do too much'

Keep us posted OK?  For sure I hope it gets ALL BETTER!!

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I agree that you should see your primary physician or your breast/general surgeon. I have read many many instances on breastcancer.org of women who complain to their PS about severe pain and are dimissed and not taken care of.I am not saying all plastic surgeons ignore severe pain. You might try posting on breastcancer.org. They have different forums for different issues with breast cancer. They have one forum called Breast Reconstruction. It is a forum totally devoted to those that had a mastectomy with breast reconstruction.

I understand the severe pain. You may want to get a referral to a pain clinic doctor as well. There are many treatments for pain out there. But first I would want to know what is causing the pain.

I wish you the best and hope your pain subsides and that you can find someone to treat your pain.

Best wishes.....

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