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Hair Growth

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How long did it take after chemo for you hair to grow back enough that you didn't need to wear a wig or scarf?

i finished chemo 8 weeks ago and all I have is white peach fuzz on my head that is very spotty. 

Any advice?




Lynn Smith
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My sister is having the same problem.Her hair was always very thin.I think she's  come to the conclusion it's permanent of going to take a very long time. My hair is fine. But thank goodnes I didn't need checmo but I take tamoxfin and they say tamoxfin can make your hair thinner.

I hope you see hair growth soon.I'm sure it takes longer for some than others.But it's hard to be patient with something you want.You just want to Get rid of the wigs and be done with it.

Lynn Smith

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I just want to say Congratulations on finishing chemo! 


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I finished chemo 8 weeks ago. I have a gary fuzz covering all my head. Not thick as my original hair. I heard it may take up to 6 months to know what you are going to have

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I finished chemo about 6 months ago.  It took about 12 weeks where my hair was long enough for me to be comfortable without my wig or my scarf.  Now, I have a full head of very thick, very curly (it did come in gray though) hair that touches my neck.  Prior to losing it, it was very thin and straight.   I also take Tamoxifin, but it hasn't affected my hair at all that I can tell; although I have lost my eyelashes several times since stopping chemo.  Hope it starts growing back quickly :)

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I am believing that this is like about everything else is when dealing with cancer.  We are individuals.  I figured that out with chemo.  I figured that out with radiation therapy.  I figured that out with surgery recovery.  I decided that it is the same with things like hair growth.

I finished chemo July 16, 2012.  When I first began to see signs of my hair's return, it was August.  I could not see it until I got up close to the mirror and looked.  Then for a bit it was like having a light halo.  I thought my hair was going to come back white, not salt & pepper. As it grew out, it darkened to more its normal color.

Since I wear my hair short -- not excessively short, but wash-and-wear short -- I decided that I would quit covering my head when I was out when my hair covered my head and it was not splotchy.  It would be way shorter than normal, but I was ok with that.  So, I quit wearing a covering the end of September.  I made myself do it, knowing that once I got used to it, I would be good.  I was not at school, where I work, at the time because of dealing with some burning from the rads.  It seemed like a good time for me to make the change.  I had gone back to work, afternoons, wearing my wig at the start of the school year.  Being out of school for about two weeks or so, I thought the gap provided a good time for me to switch.  I returned to work mid-October.  None of the students I work with seemed to notice.  My colleagues thought I looked good.

Two weeks ago I finally was able to brush my hair back, like I used to, and so I like about like my old self.  My length is more like what I wear in the summer; but it works. 

The color is about the same as it used to be.  The texture still is oddly soft for me.  I have had some trims (sides, over the ears, back of the neck) but not a haircut yet.  Some of the wave has begun to be visible as the hair gets longer; I had no curlies.  I do not know if the softness will change, once I start getting haircuts.  I have been told by many people lately how fast my hair has grown and how thick it is. 

Like others here, I take tamoxifen.  It apparently has had no affect on my hair.

Probably I am a fortunate one.

You have to go with what you are comfortable with, when it comes to shedding your head covers.  Sure, you may be a little out of your comfort zone at the start, but it will be all right.

I do have a picture of my head/hair about the time I decided to go hatless/wigless, if you are curious.  It shows a part of the the top and back.

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as soon as my head was covered.  It was white and the beginning of summer...  I was one who didn't pay much attention to no hair after a bit, so the hat was for warmth. Only you will know when you are comfortable without it!


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