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black mucous post treatment

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Has anyone experienced coughing up black mucous?  I am 10 months post treatment and just started having small amounts that I am coughing up.  I quit smoking a year ago December when I was diagnosed.




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Howdy Robert,


Black is most often the color off old blood.  Could be something that has been there all along, but if it continues I'd probably mention it to your provider.  If you are getting routine follow-up exams and scans, this isn't likely to represent a scary situation.  I was tempted to tell you you were just getting rid off the tar pit in your lungs.  You know, speaking of odds and ends, I quit smoking when I had my first cancer almost 15 years ago.  Two years back, when I had my radical surgery I had to have a tracheostomy for awhile.  Generally, following the trache, lungs just fill up with junk, and people need suctioned all the time.  I had no junk whatsoever, never did need suctioned at all.  Clearest lungs the RT's had ever seen, so they said. 


best to you



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Thanks Pat.  Since treatment, I have not had much in the line of mucous to deal with and it has subsided since this morning.  I will mention it to the Drs. when I go next month for my checkup.


Best to you,


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If you don't like the color of the mucus: use Photoshop to change to a more pleasing color. Color the mucous GREEN, and be ready for St. Pats Day. Rick.

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I might just be an over reactive caretaker, but I do say it readily!

if you were my husband, I think I'd just take a chance and give the doctors nurse a call, and ask what they think. They may just send you to a lab and ask you to spit in a cup, but worth a small effort. Or possibly scope you this month and not next. But after radiation, you can see some odd reactions.. 

Keep us posted, you are going to have us all curious!


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