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GIFT therapy

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i have been going through promising cancer treatment and came up with something called the GIFT / LIFT therapy which was thought to be the cure for cancer but the promised trails never materialsed in a big  way.








it looks like this company (www.munogenics.com  ) is trying to do the trails but is short on funding again .....i wonder why such promising treatments are held up for funding 



now it seems this company i appealing for funds for research...



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I believe a similar trial is happening in china. I have been in contact with them and submitted my details to take part. So far no indication that it is not going ahead. This treatment is my plan D.

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can you plz fwd m the details of the trail in china ( website ID etc) 

also , it wd be intresting ti know whats your plan A,B and C are

my dad's already on xelox  + dendritic cell vaccines + supplements

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Our opening attack on my wife's cancer turned out to be granulocytes stimulated by 4 weeks of cimetidine and perhaps other supplements.  Wiped out and shrunk a lot of evil.  Surgeon couldn't believe it.  Would be nice to have something to finish the job.

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