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My hairgrowth after chemo

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last year I had chemotherapy for testicular cancer. One of the big questions for me was; what's gonna happen to my hair?

Ofcourse I knew that it would fall out, but I was curious how it would return. People get all kinds of hair back, different from how they had it during their entire life.
I started to look for experiences/examples from men, but it was almost impossible to find. (I'm Dutch, on Dutch websites it was hard) 

That's why I decided to make this video, to inform and answer the question I had, and couldn't find the answer to.

I know that hair is one of the least concerns during chemotherapy, for me it wasn't a problem at all. But I still remained curious about it.

Hopefully this will help some of you, even if it's a bit, it's worth it! 


Monica Beausoliel
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Hi dado88

I like youtube very much and thought your video was positive.

Ron Eibschutz
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Many things can happen to your hair after chemo.  Mine did not come in curly or change color.  Your hair growth can change in different areas.




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