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Still a lot to learn...

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Wow!  Busy last few days!  I'm at MDA and have had a colonoscopy, mammogram, pap, X-rays and, blood work.  I've been to see FIVE different docs and I'm all good .. STILL NED!  

I learned quite a bit as well.  The doctor who did the colonoscopy sat down with me AFTER I was awake and went over all the pictures she took and showed me the radiation damage to my rectum and explained that that was what caused the bleeding and excessive mucus.  It made everything obvious that I could not quite "get" before. Thanks Doc!   My oncologist called it proctitis.  

I have been under the assumption that there was never any additional radiation done with our kindof cancer, but was told today that MDA can, under certain conditions use more radiation. Strength of radiation, specific site(s) taken into consideration,  for recurrence.  I personally do not want to go there but found the info interesting.

And Martha, you have it right,dialator in the shower 10 minutes a day to keep the vagina open.  

Fatigueclinic says:  walk ten minutes at a brisk pace 3 times a day:  limit sugar in diet severely:  SLEEP WELL (how?) :  lots of fruits and veggies and if you can manage it, Yoga.  Okaaaaaaay.....  Gonna try anyway!  Thanks for the good wishes..  They worked!  


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Good to hear those words.  Congratulations!



thanks for the info.  Good doctors to go over these things with you.

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Fabulous news!  I'm so glad you passed all of your exams with flying colors and NED is still present in your life!

That was great of your doctor to show you what your insides look like now after radiation.  I have some pics of mine too and can see why I bleed occasionally.  It is good to know that, even though when bleeding or mucous happens, you now have an understanding of why and know that it does not mean impending doom. 

That's interesting about the possibility of additional radiation post treatment.  Perhaps they have made strides in how the radiation is delivered, making it possible to add a boost of some kind.  Like you, though, I care not to have to do that again!

Yes, my friend, the vaginal dilator, and I spend about 10 minutes per day together in the shower (most days, anyway).  It really makes a difference when you stay at it.  During times when I have slacked off, such as when on vacation, I notice a huge difference when I begin using it again.  It can take a few days to open things back up to the previous level after some time off from it.  I figure since I'm in the shower anyway, I might as well use the thing as much as possible.  I've even gotten talented enough to shave my legs while the thing is inserted!  lol!

I like the advice on walking every day.  Everyone can find 10 minutes here and there during the day to walk and it will increase your energy level.  As for sleeping, I am still looking for the secret to that.

Congrats again on the good follow-ups!  I hope you take some time to celebrate!


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It always makes me so happy to hear other peoples good reports....makes me less anxious about my next appointment! Congrats and keep them coming.

My doc had once mentioned the radiation thing also with targeting the rays at a hopefully, slightly different area???we never discussed it much at the time though.

I also do the daily dilator in the shower, works for me, and mine has a handle so can sometimes manage to sort of hold in place with leg muscles and have two hands free. (would hate for anyone to see me!!!)

As for walking, fruits, veges, less sugar, not too hard really. I always try to park my car far from the entrance to stores etc., when the weather is really awful I sometimes think I'm crazy, but once out of the car am forced to walk the little extra.

Again, so happy for the good news!!

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So glad to hear!  Whoot who!  I think we need to design us a "NED" t-shirt!  Party on.

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I am glad that everything went well for you! Yay! Thank you for sharing the information!

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Congrats on your NED news!!!!


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yea for ned.... thx for info.... interesting.......   hugs to you   ....sephie

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Just wanted to let you personally know that "DITTO" rang loud and clear in my ears on my post...and it was wonderful to hear....and wonderful to hear from you:)

Anyway, you've always been very kind to me and very supportive...you're one of the reasons I stop by here and say hello...

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Welcome.  It's the truth.......

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Aren't you glad all those tests are over! I thought for sure with all those tests they would find something when I had them but like you, I checked out fine.

I think having had cancer treatments, it's like when I've been rear ended in the past, for quite a while I anticipate it is going to happen again, tensing up at every stoplight. Now I don't think much about it any more.

This week I go back to see my colo-rectal surgeon for another 4 month checkup, but they are getting to be old hat now. My butt has been unremarkable for quite some time and I expect it will continue to be so. He can hurry on to find another remarkable one!

Thanks for sharing your good news!



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Here's hoping your butt is still remarkable on appt. day!Laughing

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