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Tomoxifen vs Hysterectomy

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about 18 mths ago I had total hysterectomy (as stated in past posts) due to the tamoxifen (enlarging my uterus big time) Any how I didnt' realize I still need to see my gyno-I have an appt Monday. What exactly will he check? My breast  have been checked more in past 4 yrs then I can count (like many i know) between all oncolgist, surgeons etc. THERE IS nothing there for gyno to check-I would think. I TOLD HIM to take anything and everything he could since he would not get me back in there again.



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Cervic maybe?  If he didn't take that part, you could still have cervical cancer.  

If he did, then I would think he wanted $ $ $ 

Just my 2 cents, I never had a hysterectomy.



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When I went for breast suregery again 2 mths ago (new surgeon) he asked if I still had my Cervix? I said I have no clue-I told my dr to take everything and anything he could.


I"LL find out Monday...

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Megan M
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What did your breast surgeon tell you Denise?


Lynn Smith
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I had a total hysterectomy years ago.I was told crevix too.I went to my gyno for a couple years but he retired not long after my surgery.I went to another gyno once but didn't go back.That's been over 18 years. My breast surgeon and the surgeon who did my hysterectomy had a serious discussion about me taking hormones.Years having benign tumors and mom being a bc survivor my breast surgeon told me NEVER take them.My gyno doctor said YES.So they had a talk about it and my gyno  never told me to take them again. I knew after talking to my breast surgeon he meant business.It's the welfare of his patient.If I followed my gyno I probably would've had breast cancer much earlier than 62.  

Honestly I think gyno's tell you to come but my other doctors know I don't have anything left and don't seem to think it's necessary.They usually ask Did they take the cervix???. Another lady told me she had a hysterectomy over 25 years ago and never had a check up since.She said she didn't need one.She's in her 70's and  I think in her early 50's or late 40's she had her surgery. 

Denise I'm sure your doctor will tell you to come in every year. It's your decision. 

Lynn Smith


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Double Whammy
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Did the Tamoxifen cause endometrial cancer or complex atypical hyperplasia?  I remember you needed a hysterectomy but I don't remember what the final pathology was. 

I had endometrial cancer and had uterus, cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, lymph nodes -the whole kit and kaboodle -removed.  I have regular pelvic exams AND Pap smears from tissue at the top of my vaginal vault (every 4 months for fist 2 years, now every 6 months) - because even though my cancer was early stage, low grade and was confined to less than 50% invasion of uterine wall, there is a remote possibility it can recur.  And if it does recur, it typically happens at the top of the vaginal vault.   These exams are standard follow-up protocol (for endo cancer) for 5 years.   I have a "friend" who has no problem telling me it's ridiculous that I have to have exams because "there's nothing up there anymore!".  

Denise, if you don't know what your pathology was, be sure and ask.  You said your uterus was greatly enlarged from the Tamoxifen and the concern, of course, is endo cancer.  If you didn't have endometrial cancer, then I'm not sure why you need further exams.

I so understand the desire of wanting to no longer have to have the dreaded gyn exams!  But that exam saved my life 3 years ago, so I'll keep having them until I'm told I no longer have to.


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enlarged uterus (had to be removed with larger cut)

Started bleeding-about year post menopause..




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