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Ultasound fine - but still spotting

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Hello all,

I would appreciate any advice.  I was having very light spotting for quite a while. ( age 66 )  Went to the dr., she saw a polyp, removed it, and ordered  the ultrasound.  Results were normal.  She had ordered a biopsy of the polyp.  When the results came back from the ultrasound, the test for the polyp that had been ordered disappeared from

my online health record.  It seemed like because the ultrasound was normal they canceled the biopsy of the polyp.  I wasn't too concerned as the ultrasound was ok.  Now, a week later I'm spotting again.  Do you think this warrants further investigation.  Maybe I have more polyps??  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


Thank you,


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From my personal experience, doctors would send everything (tissues/polyps/tumors and etc..) that are removed from your body for a biopsy regardless the result of your ultrasound.  Double check with your doctor's office and take care~

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Hi Crystalblue, please write and let me know how your sister is doing.  Hope to hear from you soon.

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I couldn't agree more.  Check with your doctor.  Good luck!

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Yes, I think you should check back with your doctor. Make sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction. 


There are a number of women here that if they had a 'do-over' would be in a better place than they are now.   

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I agree with everyone else who posted.  One thing to add, any type of procedure we have done, they "generally" tell us of some spot bleeding possibilities.  I do remember having more gases and a little spotting for 3-4 days later.


In the end, definitely recommend contacting the doctor as we're only guessing at this point.


Good luck,


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Don't sit on this for any length of time at all....get the results of that biopsy ASAP. If you can't then tell the doctor you want a uterine biopsy. They can do a scrapping right in the doctor office.

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I was told spotting is not normal and a reason needs to be found.  A year ago i was told no problem, it went away and that was it.  Then one year later it happened again I pushed and had to change gyn dr to get the right attention.  new one gave me the spotting post menapause isn't normal and you have to rule out causes.  That was when I found out it was cancer.  So yes if i could "do over" I would have pushed for a D&C a year ago.  I am lucky that it is only stage 1A, but maybe and it is only a maybe because no one knows that last year it could have been pre cancerous and I would be better off

I learned a big lesson.  It is our lives and we need to push until we get the answers we are comfortabl with. It never hurts to get a second opinion.

Take care


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