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Dance in the Rain

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As a Stage IV cancer survivor- I want to share a comment from my 17 year old son. 

Last evening, as my son was doing homework nearby; my wife and I were talking about a potential career change I am contemplating.  It's a higher level VP position with a heavy work load.  I said to my wife, I am just uncertain because of my health issue and if this is a good move.  My wife replied, "You have achieved NED remission status and right now that is all anyone has.  Nobody can tell if they will develop cancer tomorrow or be hit by a car."  She continued to say that I should follow my instinct and if I want to change jobs to do it.  In essence, live life and try not to let cancer dictate my life.

Then my son, quietly taking this all in, responded.  "Dad, some people dance in the rain while others just get wet. Please, just enjoy the dance."  Coming from a 17 year-old teenager... those are words I will not forget.

To my all my friends here, no matter where we are in the cancer battle, remember to enjoy the dance.  His reminder, has helped me.  

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Smart boy you raised! Thank you and him for the reminder. Good luck in making your decision.

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Sometimes we underestimate our young ones. 

What wisdom he showed in that one little a sentence. Thank you for sharing. 

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