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Veggie burgers?

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Hi Ladies,


Okay, I confess, one of my very favorite food is a cheeseburger.  I try to use low fat ground chuck.  Last night I found a company called Morning star.  They make frozen veggie patties, etc.  (several different products)  When I read the ingredients. one was Soy whey (?).  What alternatives are there? Anyone know of brand that doesn't contain soy?  I do not have a whole food store within easy driving distance.  Since I live alone, the frozen patties are great for me.  No waste as I can just pull out what I need.


Any suggestions?





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Sorry Carla,

Veggie burgers contain all kinds of things that are best avoided; processed protien replacement, soy, and high carbohydrate grains.  Actually, if you can get grass fed AND finished ground beef, that is your best option.  The whole low-fat guideline we've been led to believe since the late 50's so erroneous, I don't know where to start.  We need healthy fats, and the kind of fats we need to avoid are the very fats they've been telling us to eat - transfats.  Vegetable oils and margarines are transfats.  Any kind of meat is a healthy option, as long as it is raised without hormones or antibiotics, is fed a normal diet, primarily grass, or is wild caught fish or wild game.  This is what we evolved to eat, along with lots and lots of veggies.  It's the commercially raised meats that are not healthy for us. 

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I avoid processed soy. There are vege burgers out there that are made with beans and grains and are very tasty.You have to read the labels carefully though. If I really crave a hamburger, I buy buffalo ground meat. It's really lean and hormone free. There are also local farmers near me that sell hormone free, grass fed beef. 

In general I'm just not eating beef though. Have you considered salmon patties? or other fish filets for sandwiches?

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