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Nodules found in liver one year after a Whipple Procedure to remove tumor on pancreas.

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This is my mom's situation.  A 2 cm tumor  found in the in the bile conduct close to the pancreas was removed through a whipple procedure in March 2012.   Feb. 7, 2013 a scan detected nodules in her liver.  Biopsy is scheduled for the 13th.   I am wondering if anybody has gone for something similar and how they coping.

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Sorry to hear about your mom, how did the biopsy results go? I know what you and your family are going through, my dad was diagnosed with adrenalcortical carcinoma a little over two years ago and its been a big stressor in our lives ever since. His pancreas was affected and same as your mom he now has nodules on his liver. He also had a colostomy procedure which left him with a huge shock in the beginning of dealing with his colostomy bag. It was all a shock in the beginning, especially for him, because he has always been so active and a work-a-holic. All that changed because now he has to stay home. But now he finds ways to keep busy around the house, lets just say his lawn is very manicured and taken care of. 

He isn't a surgery candidate so our only hope now is that his chemo, Mitotane, performs a miracle for our family. We try to stay positive through it all, because according to the doctor's predictions he was not supposed to be with us this long. My dad is being a fighter, but he has his days when he is just sick of it all. My family always tries to stay positive and we let him vent when he is tired of his situation and sick from his chemo. I just listen and try to be there for him when he rants about anything and everything from the long wait at the doctor's office, to the amount of pills he is now on. Some big things he has to deal with now are the side effects of the Mitotane which cause constant diarrhea (he feels confined to being home because of it, especially with his colostomy bag) along with lack of sleep. He has his moments but mostly he is trying to enjoy every day as he goes along. We also try to eat healthier now, and are trying to incorporate everything natural to our lives. Everything is worth a shot. 

I hope you can stay strong for your mom too---right now what they need the most is our love and support, and most of all a cheerleader. Because she will need it and you need to be positive for her, and remember to hug her and enjoy her company.  


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