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Tina Brown

Cindy Bear
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Joined: Jul 2009

Hello ladies.. you may already know, but one of the other gals posted on the PPC board that Tina Brown has passed.. I knew she hadn't posted much lately and was struggling.. I am sorry to post bad news... She seemed like such a lovely person, her posts always informative and supportive. She will be missed.

RIP Dear Tina.




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to hear of Tina's passing.  She was one of the first ladies I met on the board.  I thought she was doing okay.  It seems we heard from her not too long ago.  The sadness I feel is unbearable as we have lost two fine ladies in the last month.  My prayers go out to Tina's family.  I hope she is at peace...free from pain and worry.



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Thank you so much for letting us know.  I feel so sad and shocked to hear about our friend's passing.  Like Karen, I was somehow under the impression that she was doing okay.  Tina was such a supportive and caring woman and she fought the good fight bravely and with dignity.  My deepest condolences to Tina's family. 


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I'm so sorry to hear this!  Tina was also one of the first ladies I met on here.  She was so inspiring, even when she was struggling.  She will be missed.

Be at peace now Tina.  <3

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Tina was such a nice and beautiful lady, so full of life. It's hard to believe that she has lost her battle. My condolences to her family.


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That is very sad news. I know in my heart that she has found a glorious, painfree, place to rest.


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I remember Tina from when I first started posting on this board.  My condolensces to her family.  May she be in a better place, now.

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2timothy1 7
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She was a beautiful lady. May she rest in peace. My sympathy goes to the family.

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kimberly sue 63
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No words can describe the loss. She always had positive thoughts and a smile. Kim

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I was just popping in to make sure someone had let CSN know about Tina.  She had had a lot of gastro issues, going back to November.  She had spent a lot of time in the hospital these last few months, with bowel obstructions.  She joked about how she had lost so much weight, she couldn't believe that for the first time in her life, she was trying to put some of it back on.

Around Christmas, she looked wonderful, though.  One of her friends posted pictures on FB of a party that Tina attended, and I thought surely she can't be as ill as I have feared, because she looks just grand.  Photos from a Jan 27th get together looked radiant.  That was less than 3 weeks ago!  That made me feel better, because I had been worried that Tina would be the next little teal bird that fell to the Earth. 

I have 112 FB friends, and 9 of them are women who have died from Ovarian Cancer.  Another 8 or 10 were not on my FB friends list, but they were friends, nonetheless.  So all told, since I joined in Sept 2009, I have "known" 15-20 women who fought hard, but lost the battle.  Some of them I met in "real life" and some I didn't.  Some I talked to on the phone, and emailed, and made plans to get together when we both felt up to it.  I can't bring myself to delete Nancy Kavleski's texts.  Or Kathleen's.  (Nancy's only daughter is expecting a baby girl.  She's going to name her Tegan Nancy Ann.  Nancy would be so excited!) 

I don't post much any more because I've sworn that I will not get close to anyone else who is fighting this rotten *******. It's just too painful if they lose the battle, and of course, it's also a constant reminder that I am 3 1/2 years from diagnosis, and although I hate to sound like Debbie Downer, let's face it: life insurance salesmen aren't beating a path to my front door.

I hope everyone will say a prayer or light a candle or something for Tina.  We will miss her. 



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Hi Carlene and everyone else....this is my birthday and I am sick to my stomach......Kathleen was a huge blow and Tina?? I hate this disease.....Carlene, I joined even before you.......and I am sick of reading these posts...just sick of it.......can't someone cure this f..ing disease? sorry guys but it's my birhday and I'll cry if I want to.....I am so pained ..........

leesag's picture
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Joined: Jan 2010

It's so da%$ hard to get past the fury.  Deep breaths, tears and meditation....



God bless and keep Tina and her family close.  



PS: And help someone find a cure and open their heart to be generous enough to share it with everyone.  





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So sad to hear this.   



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Tina was always so upbeat.....RIP Tina We will miss your smile

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Tina Brown.... I'am so sad... Will light up candle for her by my Russian Icon now.

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Terrible news. I hate it when anyone leaves us. Tina was a real positive voice on this board and will be sorely missed. 

Peace to Tina and her family.


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I am so sorry to hear about Tina. Such a warrior, and inspiration.

Rest in Peace, dear Tina.   Thoughts and prayers to her family.


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So upset to read this. , RIP tina , there throughout mums journey , so upbeat and so positive all the way.
I didn't expect to read this tonight :( crying my eyes out. Despite never meeting her , I feel the pain through my own experience of PPC , hate it , hate cancer, makes me so angry.
Xxxx RIP Tina x

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I always loved her whimsical pictures of her wildly colored hair.  


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Oops double post

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