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need your help again!

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I've posted before, regarding my friend Carolina....a few of you responded with very kind encouragring words to her just

before her liver resection in 2012.  Your words were so appreciated by her and by me also.  She completed 5

of her 7 infusions of 5-FU and today, 5 days after her 5th, she is on day number 3 of terrible, terrible nausea.  She is getting

discouraged, but knows she will go 'full steam ahead'.  So I ask again for your help in perhaps offering some encouraging

words or advice for this side effect  for her as she moves through these last 2 (last one is 3/6) infusions....and of course she is finding herself getting

very apprehensive of her follow up scan, in April/May  Any words would be appreciated.


Also, how do you send personal messages on this board?  Mags, in particular, would if possible, like to send a

personal message....


Many thanks to all of you for all the lessons you share from your own journeys....so important.



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Ginger, Bananas, and Gatoraid got me through the worst times of chemo.  This round I have been making muffins and cornbread. I also added Oatmeal when the diarrhea gets bad.  This seems to help.


Best Always,  mike

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My oncologist added IV drip of Aloxi to my pre-treatments to combat severe nausea. It was still mild after that...but manageable with crackers by my side, shortbread cookies, toast and mashed potatoes. And most of all just keep saying over and over...just 2 more to go, just 2 more to go!!!

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I found each round to be different. I am on folfox6. For me, round six was awful I had constant vomitting and nausea for a week straight. I couldn't eat a thing and could barely keep down any liquids. This is the only round that I had this. Since then each round has actually gotten better. I just had I fusion ten today. Take each day as it comes, try to deal with the side effects. Most importantly make sure she stays hydrated.

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and the only thing that helped me was the anti-anxiety drug Ativan, taken 3x per day at a 2 mg dosage.  I tried everything else, including the top-of-the-line meds, and nothing else worked.  They will make her sleepy, but i always prefered that to feeling so sick.  Ann Alexandria

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is on the left hand side of the screen, in the reddish box.  You can send a pm from there.

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I didn't get nausea bad, the dr. had meds in the i.v. for that and also took meds for it before it started, but thank god for atavan, i keep the dosage low so i don't get addicted because i had a problem with xanax in the past but it does help with the scariness of it all..bless the person who invented atavan.

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