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Post EC surgery diagnosis of cancer in abdominal fluid

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My father was diagnosed this summer (July 2012) with stage III esophogeal cancer. After three months of chemo & radiation, he underwent surgery this past fall (late-Oct) during which they removed 2/3rds of his espoh and 90% of his stomach. Margins were clear as were his lymph nodes so we were feeling very positive. It wasn't an easy recovery by any means, but he had a few really great weeks where he was eating solids and feeling like he had turned a corner in December.

That all changed this January (2013) when he started having reflux issues to the point he couldn't eat solids or handle tube feedings either. Just last week we were socked with the worst news when they discovered more of the cancer cells in fluid they drained from his abdomen - making his diagnosis now stage IV. At this point, we are trying to work his system back up to tolerate the tube feedings so he can receive another aggressive round of chemo; however, it's challenging to say the least.

Has anyone else had such a diagnosis post surgery? Any positive feedback out there about overcoming these setbacks? Or, any words of advice along the way?

Many thanks in advance,


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