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RFA - Radiofrequency Ablation - Anyone have any information?

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I do not post here much but come here often to read your posts and learn more about EC.  I can't seem to bring myslef to actually write, not sure why? A little background - My sweet husband Rocky was DX October, 2011 with EC Stage IVB (mets to the liver and lymph nodes). Not ONE symptom other than fatigue, we would later learn the fatigue was anemia from the bleeding mass. He had 15 rounds of radiation to stop the bleeding and then 3 months of chemo, first post chemo PET scan came back NED. He continued chemo (maintenance or lighter dose) and stayed NED until November 2012. The EC is back and now in the stomach and the liver, once again. After three months of a new chemo cocktail, the Pet Scan last week showed the tu...mor in the liver grew a little, everything else was stable. The oncologist wants to try RFA (radiofrequency ablation) to try and stop the progression in the liver. We have that surgery scheduled for next Monday. After the RFA, we will be on to yet another chemo cocktail. Rocky remains very WELL, how can that be if he is so sick? He tolerates chemo well most of the time, has no trouble eating or swallowing (never has) and most people would NEVER Know he was sick. We remain blessed, hopeful, so thankful for more time than any doctor ever said we would have, and of course scared to death. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of RFA?
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I'm sorry I don't have any experiance with RFA.  I hope all is going well after his surgery Monday.  Please keep us posted on how it works.  Thank you for writing, the first post is always the hardest. 


Take Care!

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