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Make a wish

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i am the caregiver to my husband with cancer. We are about to start Hospice care, we have three little boys and would like to have one vacation with them before they lose their Dad. Does anyone know of or have used a reputable group who grants these wishes to adults with cancer?

Thank you,


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Check with your local American Cancer Society. They may know what programs are available. 

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Deborah J Cornwall
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Wendy, you might want to try the Make A Wish Foundation. I think they're particularly focused on the needs of kids, and your kids will certainly want to be building good memories with their Dad. Also, FYI, Quality of Life Publishing Company produces some little booklets that are distributed through hospitals, and the one on helping prepare kids for losing a parent is especially good. Their President is Karla Wheeler, and I'm sure she would be willing to send you a pdf of that booklet.

Also, try the website Facing Cancer Together, or For Pete's Sake, which might also have some information to help.

For what it's worth, Wendy, on a related topic, I've done lots of interviews with cancer caregivers. Several indicated that hospice was particularly helpful in preparing kids for the fact that a parent was dying. You might want to talk with your hospice nurse about how they can help the kids. The stories I've been told are wonderful and heartwarming.

Best of luck to you. Debbie

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