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I Am " Happy Dancing " with NED! I Got The Best News On My Tests!

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That's right!  NED is still swinging me around the dance floor!  The techs didn't say NED, but, they said no change from my last mammo and ultrasound and that everything is fine!  WHEW! Laughing

Like so many of you, the tears came from me and my husband.  The stress that comes from these tests is just horrible and I wish none of us ever had to endure them.

To get this good news is amazing!  My husband is taking me out for lunch at our "special" restaurant to celebrate!  He says he has something else for me that is very special too.  Hmmmmm, I wonder what he is up to.

My pink bus ride is done and with great results, so, let's gas it up and keep on moving for Ellen, JuJuBeez, Jerseygirl1231, Aisling8 and muffingranma.  I wish you all good results today!

Thank you pink sisters for your support, love, messages and prayers!  It is such a huge relief to have these tests done and to have good news.  I could NOT have done it without all of you.

Ok, let's get moving for our other sisters. And, pass those brownies please!  Tongue Out


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Sooooo happy to hear your good news!!







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Bella Luna
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Yeah!  So Happy to hear the good news!  Glad you and your hubby celebrated over lunch!

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Kylez, I am so sorry that I am this late in congratulating you.  I do seem to have a problem with tardiness.  Shhh..don't tell anyone else.

I am happy dancing for you and I love it!


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Great news!   Keep it going.




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Happy~~Happy~~Happy~~~and I made page 2 of the comments! Way to go~and we all know how stressful the tests and waiting are for sure~

~hugs n happy dancing feet~Melanie


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