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I started my first folfox treatment Friday and finished yesterday afternoon. I have nausea and have taken the medicine they gave me. Still nauceaous.  Should this medicine erase the nausea or is it keeping it at bay?

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The BEST thing out there to combat nausea is by far marijuana.

Pot Leaf


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My sister's onc had to prescribe 3 different meds before they found the right one for her.  Call the onc and see what more they can do for you.

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The meds the doc's  give don't completely get rid of it, basically keeps it at bay .....   

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I never found a nausea drug that really worked. 3 different rounds of chemo and I think I tried every prescription drug.....they sometimes just keep it down to a dull roar. Sometimes I would use over the counter gravol....the new one with ginger is nice.  I used raw ginger to make tea. Eat lots of teeny meals, saltines.....sometimes a little gentle walk helps and sometimes lying down just does not help. Lots of people like Phil have had good  luck with marijuana and acupuncture has helped others....


good luck...maggie

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Thanks for all the advice.

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Ginger and the Nausea med kept it at bay.  I can tune it out most of the time. The worst time is when i am trying to sleep, then it can peak.

It does go away shortly after stopping chemo.

Best Alwyas, mike

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at the first hint of nausea.  That did help me.  If I waited too long, it wasn't as effective.  As others have said, maybe trying different drugs.  Anti-anxiety drugs also helped me.  Good luck!

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was the anti-anxiety med Ativan.  I tried everything else, including Emend, which is considered the "gold standard" (it certainly cost about as much as gold).  I took it on the advice of an experienced infusion nurse, who told me to take 2 mg 3x per day.  Made me very sleepy, but totally helped with the nausea, and I had a pretty terrible case.  Good luck!  Ann Alexandria

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Marinol is synthetic form of Marijuan and it comes in pill form but very, very expensive even with insurance.   My husband would only be nauseated for about 48 hours then start to feel better.  Marinol makes you hungry so if you can afford it worth a try.

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I got more nauseous from the anti-nausea medicine (Zofran) they gave me during chemo infusions and when i asked for it to be stopped, the nausea and headaches went away. Listen to your body -- everyone reacts differently to medicines... Best wishes & hang in there...

I also switched to green tea from coffee and that helped too.

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I found 3 thigs that help my nausea a great deal.

1. Excercise

2. A Hot Bath

3. High dose Vitamin C IV

The Vitamin C IV I found the most effective. Every day that I have the IV, I have no nausea.

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that not only did the anti-anxiety drugs help me with nausea but I think my nausea was due more to anxiety than the chemo itself.  I was very anxious when I first got the news, had surgery and started treatment.  

Best, Vita

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