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Joined: Oct 2012

Hi All, i just wanted to remind everyone that Doc has surgery monday and te keep him in your prayers that everything goes well and that he will finally get some release from the pain that he is going through right now.

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I will be praying and sending vibes in his name on Monday. Thank you for letting us know, BigMan. 

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How are you doing these days, btw?  AA

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Posts: 87
Joined: Oct 2012

i just had another round of the new medication, oxy that they put me on today, and filling a little sick.  the hardest thing is trying to drink and stay hydrated when it fills like im swollowing sharp rocks.  but i know what to epect this time around and i am going to try to make it to work all week this time :)  thanks for asking. how about you?


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Nice of you to be thinking of others as you go through your own struggles.

Good luck tomorrow, Doc. Will be thinking of you.


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Thanks for the information on Doc I have been thinking of him everyday.  Please let us know how things go for him.   I know he has really been having a rough time.   Do you have an update for us now.

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