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Warrior Tracking Chart

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One of the things I find hard to keep up on is where everyone is in their battle with the beast. I created a template of something that I would like to get your thoughts on as it might help others as well. I can keep it updated as long as I get the info in some standardized tabular format (yet to be developed). anyway, this helps me alot to have a single sheet to keep track of the "gaunlet" for us. It could be enhanced to track recurrences and NED and cures too.





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I hope you can somehow make this work.

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It is nice and I guess it would be readily available to any H&N patient?


There is another calendar out there for H&N patients.  I believe there is a link to it on Staceya expression page (if you want to see it).


How are you feeling?



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Hi Matt,

I found the calendar you mention but it is just a standard widget. This is a one page see all status chart, really, mre than a calendar. I don't mind getting it going and finding a simple way ppl can just drop and drag their status around.


I'm doing very well, finishing week 2 of cycle 1 of induction TPF. I keep my daily status on my blog, feel free to join.





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It would have been handy last April when so many of us seemed to come in at one time....it was hard to know where we were all at....


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thats awesome... Thank you!

carry on!


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Hello Don,

This is a very impressive idea.  But saying this will ACS allow it ?  I'm thinking about the HIPPA regulations...that in the best sense are great.  If they give a thumbs up, I'd defineately would help in anyway I could.  Tracking of H/N dx's and the people we care about is a wonderful idea.  Good luck !   Katie

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I love this chart and I would really enjoy it!!  I hope that you are able to make it work...Thank you Smile

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Great response.

I will come up with a simple format so ppl can just email me their details and I can have the spreadsheet auto update and then can just posted the current chart for ppl to see at a quick glance who is on the bus and where y'all sitting.  don

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That would be great! 

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