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Husband 44 has bile duct cancer

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Hello as I said my husband is 44 and was diagnosed with bile duct cancer on November 30, 2012. He has one tumor the size of an apple, 10cm. Its in two lymph nodes as well but no where else. He has had chemo and the surgeon said it was inoperable but our oncoligist said he would refer us to MD Anderson. We are so shocked still. I have no idea what to ask the doctors. He is still undergoing chemo and had a stent put in, it will be replaced at the end of the month. The doctor staged it 4 because of the size. Is it good news that has not gone anywhere else? If anyone could help me with some of this I would appreciate it. Is it normal for this type of cancer to be this size? I just wish we had some idea of prognosis.    

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