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TEP Not Closing

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I had a smaller diameter voice prosthesis inserted, with the hopes the hole (TEP) would close down around it. No such luck. I aspirate liquids, and am reduced to using good ol' ThickIt. I guess, one can get used to anything.

Finished one month of chemo. Need a CT to see what the chemo did. The next round is in the planning stage.

Very fatigued. Sleep 10 hours; up for a couple and then sleep some more. Pain and nausea controlled well enough. No energy to respond to posts. Just hangin on. Hardly enough energy to take a shower. However, I am maintaining weight, so far. That's something.  Rick.

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Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way!


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Sorry you are having it hard Rick.  I really need you to ever some good news. You are one of the first people who seemed to care about me and I have a special place in my heart for you.  Saying a special for you my friend. 

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Glad to here you are  tolerating treatments well, even if sleeping a lot. 

Hope the device issues work out, that has to be at least mildly irritating

Keep us posted on the plans, and hope the CT shows good improvement, I'll say a prayer!

You are always in my thoughts, take care,


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Hopefully treatment is more bearable with the pain under control; I know I liked to sleep through the rough days.  Hang in there; let the chemo do its job.





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I remember what a misery that was for my mom until they figured out what to do.

You're doing good on your updates!!  Laughing Nobody expects you to respond to posts etc while you're going thru the chemo....sleep is what you need, and I'm glad to hear you're able to do that.  Amazing that you're maintaining your weight.....bravo!  You need that, too.

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even when you don't post, :)


Sorry you have to deal with this, but glad you are maintaining your weight.  Whispered a prayer that TEP thingy will close up and you will get to feeling some strength here soon...





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Ingrid K
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we will beef up on the prayers, hoping the TEP works out somehow for you.

no need to post -- just sleep.  Sleep is good.

don't worry about showers...they take a lot of effort...some days I didn't either.


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Nothing much has changed in the last 3 or 4 days. Very very tired. Going to the lab to get blood checked, mainly for calcium levels. Then a stop at the pharamcy and supermarket. Just routine stuff.

I do a little task, like unload the dishwasher. And it wears me out, and I must rest. Even getting this little post out will wear me out. So unlike me. But if this is going to be the new me; I'll adapt and do the best I can. Take care. Rick.

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Prayers that your energy returns soon. I recall the days of sleeping 20+ hours and the other 4 hours were a real effort.

Make the extra effort when you can but little by little.

Thinking of you 

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Rick,  you truly do have the good-natured attitude of a Golden.  I admire your ability to so patiently adapt to your physical challenges.  If life were meted out fairly, then you would receive the best of it because you know how to live in Golden ways.  I hope your medical team can find something that will alleviate your fatigue.   I find that I am less energetic in winter when living in colder climates where I tend to hibernate indoors to stay warm but get no regular exposure to natural sunlight.  Even here in northwest Florida, the sun seems more elusive in winter.  Spring will arrive soon and I hope it brings a sense of rejuvenation to all of us. 

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