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☼ How Is Your Weather? ☼

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I know that "Nemo" is bad on the East coast, so, how are all of you pink sisters doing out there?  I've heard up to 2 feet of snow?  That is unimaginable! 


Everyone stay safe and stay warm!


Big hugs, Susie

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It is cold here with lots of wind, but, no snow.  I think it is about 30, but with the wind chill, it is probably in the 20's. 

A good day to stay in by the fire and watch movies together!

I feel sorry for everyone that got that snow.  I saw pictures of it and it looked horrible! I haven't heard if anyone has lost power, so, that is really good.

Hoping everyone has a great weekend!


Hugs, Debby

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Blizzard Warning from 6pm today til 6am Monday.  This will be heading East for next week.

I stay ready for all weather living here on the Northern Prairie as winters can be brutal.  Have a good kero heater, kero lamps, food/water, vehicles full of fuel and with emergency rations/gear in them (all 4X4) just in case we have to leave.

Winyan -The Power Within


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I am northern NJ Cold yes wondering why I hurt long time since I  helped unbury a car. Pretty to look at no to shovel.

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Alexis F
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16 inches?  The snow out East is really horrible!  I hope you're ok Jerseygirl! 

My hubby bought us a whole house generator so that even if we ever lose our power, it will kick on and we can run everything.  One of the best investments we've ever made.


Cocoa anyone?

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all day yesterday and it is just windy today.  The temp is suppose to up in the 40's, so nice for February.

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Where I live in CNY generally puts me just to the south of lake effect snow off Lake Ontario and just to the west of coastal storms.  It is not unusual to drive about a half hour north or east and encounter a big change in the amount of snow in the air and on the ground.

We had winter storm warnings here, initially starting at 7:00 am but then changed to 10:00 and then noon.  We ended up with about 4"-6".  That really is not all that big of a storm.  The roads were snotty last evening, but activities were postponed and people like us stayed home.  Our school let out tw hours early in anticipation of the storm, but it did not really start to snow here until mid-afternoon.

It was cold today, only getting up to about 16.  Tomorrow it may make it to 30.

The biggest snowstorm I remember experiencing here where I now live was the Blizzard of 1993 (March).  We got 42" of snow on top of what we already had.   We were fortunate in that our electricity was not lost.  By midday the day after the storm ended, primary roads were plowed, and it was possible for me to get into town.  Schools were closed for just two days.

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I am in the mids NYS (2 hrs south of Albany) we had a snow day friday and 2 hr delay today (I work for special ed school)


we only got about 18 inches...



Alexis F's picture
Alexis F
Posts: 3602
Joined: May 2009

Denise, you say ONLY 18 inches!  Wow, I cannot imagine that.  I saw where some parts of the east got almost 40 inches.  I don't know how they dug out, but, I guess the towns were prepared and got on it very quickly. 


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Almost like Spring here today!  It was in the 50's and sunny! 

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Megan M
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Yesterday was bad here.  We got snow and some ice.  Yuck!  I don't mind driving in the snow, but, hate ice!  It is suppose to warm up in the 30's, so, I hope it melts the ice.  I've heard the chuncks falling off of the trees, so, I guess it is melting now.


Lynn Smith
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Today it's Sunny Sunny Sunny but very cold.I hear high 30 degrees.

We've had a few 40 and 50 degree temps but those days weren't any warmer.Very windy those days.Today its calm.  

Waiting for SPRING or let's just skip spring and go into summer.

Lynnn Smith

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