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Scans and treatments

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Hi All..!  Me again...  OK, I know we are not doctors, we are just the pin cushions... right...   So, already I see a lot of different methods out there.. and I wonder why..??  This is basically for those of us with late stage RCC...

Follow ups.. I WAS getting 90 day follow ups - which included CT Scan, MRI, and blood work.   Some of you are on 6 month follow ups,   Is my doctor being over cautious..?  And as many of us already found out... at some period of time after surgery, there come the next RCC again...  (I am thinking the 90 day plan offered me earlier detection)..

Treatments..  With all that is known about treating RCC, I wonder why some doctors are suggesting drugs that have a low success rate, Vs those that have shown better results..?   I know this is a big one... but..  Is this because some Doctors are not up to date on the most current info..??

Yes, I am going "there"...  seems that the more we all know, the better...

Be Well All...

Ron - the sun came out today in California..!

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My husband's doctor does 90 day chest, abdomen and pelvic scans and told him the reason he does is because he is stage IV that has metastasized. This time he will be doing 2 month at my request because if for some reason this drug isn't working we need to move on to something else. This is his 3rd drug since May 2012 and in my opinion and from what the doctor told us we don't have time to wait 3 months to see if it is working or not. I pray it is working however if not we need to move on and find something that is. We all want nothing but the best for ourself or loved one and that is me.

With your last quesiton I wonder why some doctor's prescribe medicine differently. My hubs doctor is at Duke so I believe he is up to date on all meds and when my hubs was on Votrient we were told once he came off of it he can't go back on it but other people I have met go back on it after some time or another treatment so I am a bit confused on this now.

Absolutely the more we know the better we are. I go in with a list of questions at every appointment just to make sure we cover everything.

Godspeed and bless you Ron!


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I agree Ron it is your body and your life if you see something from your own research then you should tell your onc about it and if you are not comfortable you could always seek out another oncologist

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Hi All.!

OK, I am learning more every day....  I was at Stanford the other day, and found out that I only have 2 mets in my right lung, and the growth on one (yes I still have two..whew) Adrenal Glands...  So we are catching the mets early on...   I now start the Votrient... we will see...


OK, so I heard about englerin A.. anyone care to comment on this possible new treatment..?? 



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Ron, if you do a word search on KIDNEY_ONC you'll find a heavy article referred to by Gilles (and a passing reference of little interest from me).

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