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Husbands surgery not good....

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Well, I wish I had better news to report. The doctor went in & said that Jason's tumor was much larger than even the CT Scan showed & he said it has invaded the outside of the colon & the areas around it to where it is too close to major arteries? veins? I really don't know what all he said to be honest, I was in shock & still am. He did say that he will give him a couple of weeks for the incision to heal enough so they can start him on chemo in hopes that it will shrink the tumor enough to be able to take it out or get rid of it altogether? I do know that the cancer has spread, I'm not sure how much, I just know it's bad. So, although I don't want anything to be sugar coated, I could sure use some good outcome stories right about now. Thanks in advance & thank you all for being so kind, Kris

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I have been waiting all day to hear your report on Jason's surgery, and I know many others have too.

I am sorry to hear the news wasn't so good. We all go in hoping to be the ones to come out with the good news. 

I am happy though to hear that they are going forward with the chemo, and please know that along with his treatments, he will have MANY people sending him those good vibes, prayers, and all good things, and I can promise you that they really help.

I know others will come and post their success stories, they are out there in large number. 

My tumour was large and had invaded the walls, but luckily had not interfered with any other organs, so they were able to remove it.

I know your husband is in good hands. He has a wife who loves him and that goes such a long way at times like this. 

You are both in my prayers every night. 


Brenda Bricco
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I am so sorry Kris, I was so hoping you would have better news.

As long as there is nothing to do for now I would get some others opinions, maybe from a university or a teaching hospital? I remember you are in Tennesee... is there anyone that can recommend a great surgeon???

Hang in there... let me know if you need someone to talk too. I can send you my phone number.

GOD bless you.


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I'm so sorry that things did not go well today. Please do not give up hope. I've seen so many of my friends here have really good results with chemo and rads and then become eligible for successful surgery.

As Brenda suggested, maybe it's time for that second opinion. Our friend Buzz was treated  at Vanderbilt in Nashville and my daughter, Johnnybegood, is treated in Louisville. She loves her surgeon, a Dr. Martin. He's saved her life numerous times. Just a couple of suggestions.

"Never, ever give up"



Brenda Bricco
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I want to also add that my husband had to six months of chemo to become surgical...don't give up Kris. Smile

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thats really challenging news, we can all be so kind here because we have all been through this nightmare. 

many to hell and back. some a number of times. alas!

there is light at the end of the tunnel. have faith and smile if you can.

staying close and loving is about the best healing you can do, Jason needs you now probably more than any other time in your lives together.

we are quiet a friendly lot, though some of us are a little different.

my tumour was a large T4 , straight up front, i am still typing and smiling. i hope you are, even through the tears.

this journey of healing you are starting on is really really demanding, we are here to help.

well i am here in germany. feel free to pm me with any questions any time.



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Oh, Kris. I know you're in shock right now, but try not to despair. Hopefully the chemo will shrink the tumor enough for it to be removed. It'll be more of a long road than maybe you counted on, but don't give up hope, okay? I'll be praying for you and Jason.




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Has anyone heard of "Tomo Therapy?" I tried to copy & paste the article from the site, but it wouldn't let me "paste" it here?....So, if anyone is interested in reading about it, go to Thompson Cancer Survival Center, Knoxville, Tn. & it will be under the radiation treatments. TCSC was the first clinical facility in the world to use this type of therapy & apparently it is able to treat tumors anywhere from a half an inch long up to 5 feet long, so this is definietly something I will discuss with Jason's doctor. BTW, Thompson Cancer Survival Center is also affilitated with the cancer center in the hospital Jason is in, & his surgeon is part of the team, so I think he's in very capable hands. Thank you all very much for all your support. It means more than you know. Please continue to pray for Jason. ~Kris

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I would certaily check into this. Keep in mind that getting that tumor shrunk should allow for removal. Also, his chemo is geared for colon cancer, which is also in other places? It will go after these tumors as well. I have colon cancer in the liver, and (knock on wood) my liver has reduced immensely in size, tumor sizes are decreasing in liver, so remember this.

And do those second, third, forth oppinions!

Hugs, Judy

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I was thinking of your husband's surgery a lot today.   Just so sorry things are not better.  Keep us informed.

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So sorry to hear this, but the chemo may shrink the tumor enough for a later surgery.  I sent you a PM, but I have a similar situation.  My tumor wasn't as large, but it had grown too close to some other important stuff to remove, so they did a colostomy and sewed me back up w/out removing the tumor (actually many tumors).  That was in June 2012, and I am going strong right now.  Since surgery and starting chemo, I played 5-6 complete rounds of golf in the summer, with almost all of those wearing both the colostomy bag and a bile drain bag with a tube coming out of my chest.  I went deer hunitng in November (had to climb 20 feet up into a tree stand) and got my first buck ever (an 8 point) in only my third year of hunting.  I am currently helping coach my son's basketball team, and have been working since mid-July (full-time since end of July).  Day to day life is almost unchanged from before my diagnosis, except I have to go fo chemo every other Wednesday.  I don't know how long I will be here on earth, but I plan to keep doing what I want to do as long as physically possible.  I do believe that staying active has really helped me with the chemo.  Take care, and keep the faith.


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Sorry you didn't get better news. Chemo can make a big difference. Hopefully, surgery will be possible down the road.


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But please don't give up hope yet.  People say that the cancer journey isn't a sprint, it's a marathon, and that's very true.  There will be ups and downs in this journey, and although this may be a "down" period, it doesn't mean that up isn't just around the corner!  Many on this board had to start with chemo in order to shrink tumors and become a candidate for surgery.  In fact, it's pretty common.  It would have been great if they could have dealt with Jason's cancer right away, but there's a very good chance that after chemo, they will be able to do just that.  Chemo isn't the easiest thing in the world to get through, but most of us have done it, and we can support you guys as you go along.  And for most people, it's very effective.  Hang in there, Kris...there's still every reason to have hope that Jason will get back on the road to good health soon.  Hugs to you both~Ann Alexandria

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Sorry to hear you did not get better news.  Wish you and Jason the best as you begin your journey.  Wishing a smooth recovery for Jason.

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That is really hard news but like the others have said, there are ways to shrink the tumor so it can come out.  Know that I am praying for Jason's healing and that the docs come us with a good plan.

Hang in there dear.



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Hi, I'm sorry that you got such news from the surgery.  I can only say what I said before.  I went to a top surgeon and got one opinion, went with it, did my surgery, my cancer came back and progressed.  Went to a different hospital, got a completely different opinion, I am now NED. They saw something that team one did not see. One group does not know everything or is capable of missing something.  Now that you have a bit of time on your side, at least get a second opinion and make sure another team says the same thing.  One place may know something the other doesn't.  You only get one chance.  Good luck with everything and hang in there.  Helen

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