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Foot pain

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While I was in the hospital my roomie kept discussing her foot pain.  She is convinced that foot pain in the heel out outside part of the foot up to the toe is a sign of colon problems.  We found it very coincidental that both of us had severe footpain at some point just before diagnosis (I had off and on foot pain for three years).  I even went to the doctor twice and we ended up just getting me wider shoes each time  I haven't had the foot pain in a long time now and I'm wondering if there is a connection.  Has anyone else had foot pain?  I am going to bring this up with my oncologist.

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I had gout a couple times, prior to being diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.

I had wondered how many colon cancer fighters, previously had gout.

gout is a pain in the big toes, and it also turned into a bursitus in the elbow a couple times.

since being on chemo for 15 months.... not sign of gout or bursitus.



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As a past medical assistant for a Podiatrist I find this very interesting. 

Chances are the gout was gout and the foot pain was probably something like Plantar fasciitis, and that possibly the chemo did a number on the inflamation causing the fasciitis and the uric acid causing the gout. 

I'll have to have a word with my lovely ex and hopefully future boss and get his professional opinon. 

Of course in Reflexology, parts of the foot are tied in with your colon (and other parts of the body), so there may be something to it. 

Take a look at this


I ganked this from the internet. If thats not allowed here, someone tell me and I'll get rid of it. 

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Wow, yes the part of the foot marked is where I had my pain.  I'm going to print out this picture and discuss it with my oncologist.  Wouldn't it be interesting if foot pain is a missed sign of colon/rectal cancer.  Can't hurt to bring it up. The wide shoes helped for a short period of time but then the pain came back full force.

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