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Monday's pink bus -- could I trouble you to make one more stop?

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It's my annual mammogram, three years since diagnosis and treatment and I'm nervous. And even more frustrating is the fact it often takes a week to get the results. The imaging center always tells me the doctors will have the results the next day, but though I call (and beg and plead) and leave messages offering to bring cookies, it often takes up to a week for results. Over the years I've had several call-backs from the radiologist which are always the next day so if I have no such call, I'm gonna think positive and assume everything's fine.

Thanks for coming along and thanks for "listening" to my fear.



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Seems we'll have a full bus on Monday, but there's always room for more.  Hoping for the best results, Victoria.  Hugs, Linda

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Double Whammy
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and Victoria, I hope you get results sooner than later.  I don't particularly worry about results so much anymore, it's just that the visits bring it all back.  I was so surprised when I had my last MRI how emotional it made me.  I wasn't really afraid they'd find something, it was that I was having this done because I had a cancer diagnosis and how frightening that was.  Never want to hear those words again.  I tell myself that IF something is wonky, it will be dealt with and it's either going to stay away forever or it's going to come back and there is nothing I can do about it, but. . . .  well, I understand.

So I will be there on the bus for you!


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The results are yours, you pay for them.  Go to the Medical Records department where you have your mammogram and ask for a copy for the results.  They will make you sign a paper for consent to give it to you and then, they will.  

I had a ct scan late Monday afternoon and on Tuesday I picked up the results of that scan.  No need to wait, the results belong to only you.

Keep in mind that 70% of women never have another recurrence.  You are in that club until notified that you have changed group.

Remember the 70%.  Go with confidence that all is well.





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Jean 0609
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Fingers crossed for a clean mammogram.  Enjoy your weekend.





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Bella Luna
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Victoria... I'll be on that Pink Bus with you.  Hmmm... let me see.  What can I bring for the Pinks to sip on while we ride on.  I know, I'll bring mojitos! 

Hugs and prayer to you dear Pink Sister.

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I hope it all goes well, but I do remember how nervous I use to get just having the mammo's, 



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We may be a little liquored up .. but, we will be roaring, hooting and hollering from the parking lot.

Gentle hugs, prayers and positive thoughts that all is clear --  Fingers crossed that you do not have to wait a week until you get results -- grrrrr Doris -- provided great advise -- We forget, all the power (as well as rights) we have as patients.

Gentle hugs dear Sister.

Vicki Sam



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Looks like theres an army of buses needed so one more stop is on the list!

Praying all is well!

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Best wishes and good 'juju' your way Monday. I will send the good thoughts now, because I'll be too drugged up Monday. LOL. Praying for a nice, clear pic and a visit from our buddy NED! Laughing

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...hoping all goes well and you don't have such a long wait - keeping you in my prayers

much love,


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I too am always anxious before those yearlies! Keep your mind busy with other good thoughts, and we shall all be hoping and praying for those words we so long to hear~clear scans!!

~blessings, Melanie

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I am here, let the waiting game begin. But this won't be your usual waiting game. Nooooooo

we have games that have nothing to do with waiting, cocktails and lotsa snacks. And above all

we have a huge portion of optimism to go around, care for some? 

We are here for you 



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