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Survived This Week

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Well, here I am again. Started out the morning in tears, probably just for the he!! of it. Sometimes, I just feel so darned alone. I certainly can't "dump" on my daughter all the time. And as I may have mentioned before, all those "friends" I worked with were just that, "work friends". There is one very special lady that was my Mom's best friend that I became close to, but she's in her nineties and not in the best of health, so it's not a good idea to upset her...................

Anyway, this week went much as expected. On Thurs. we met with a urologist. Hubby definitely has some type of prostate problem thanks to the idiots in the Emg. room so next Thurs. he'll be having a Cystoscopy. Some of you guys will know what this is. A big giant ouch. If doc is unable to do it without any problems, it will be in the office. If not, they'll move him to the surgicenter next door.

Waiting for the appt. to be set for the lung cyberknife mapping.

Scheduled the second consultaion for the oral surgery for week after next.

Saw the cardio. Not much change there, but will add back in small dosage of second diuretic.

Met again with the MDA chemo doc. As soon as the prostate problem is cleared up, he'll be starting on chemo. Every three weeks, a combo of Taxol and Carboplatin which will be monitored closely and adjusted accordingly because his kidney and liver functions are not up to par. Will also be getting Cetuximab weekly. At the end of four 3 week sessions, they will scan again to determine what response the tumors have had. I guess the response will determine whether treatments will move on to H&N radiation.

That's about as far ahead as I care to think.

As a side note, I'm feeling somewhat better, but now have a STUPID abcessed tooth which is killing me. I was able to get some pain meds and antibiotic from my dentist to hold me over until I can squeeze in an appt. next week.

The best news is my daughter's surgery went as planned. No surprises. I spoke to my son-in-law yesterday evening as she is still pretty groggy and in pain, so will wait for her call when she is up to it.

That's it from Arizona for now. Just keeping my fingers and toes crossed.



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D Lewis
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Keep on hangin in there!


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I more than once admitted many more tears from a man than one should, I was just letting folks know it was tough.  You are going thru many things at one time and sometimes its either cry, scream, or both.  But I saw good in the midst of bad with your daughter, hope that continues to improve.  Yes I have always said we are lucky if we have 1 or 2 good friends outside of family I guess everyone has there crosses to bear so quite often when times get tough the friend herd starts to dwindle.  But just remember although we are all cyper friends on this site I always felt peace knowing I could call out anytime night and day and someone would come to my rescue, Praying for you and your family

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way faster than all these past weeks, with actual plans taking form.  That has to be a relief.  Also good to hear that there were no surprises with your daughter's surgery....hope you'll be hearing from her soon. 

Oh gawd I feel for you with the tooth.  Even with all this cancer treatment in my recent past....if anybody ever asked me what pain can truly bring me to my knees, I'd have to say abcessed teeth. 

Sending good vibes and mojo to you and your man (and daughter)....hoping the Cystoscopy brings easy to fix news.

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what a long week you've had, sounds like your daughters operation went as expected, and you have your husbands plans in your hands. at least this stress is behind you, don't worry, next week isn't here yet! 

Maybe that tooth thing is a caretaker symptom. During Dan's last chemo, when they were doing the pre-meds, I was having a tooth extracted. Woke up in severe pain that morning, the rad team saw me and called the oral surgeon associated with the same hospital, who agreed it needed to go.. So by noon, I was eating lunch with Dan in the Infusion center, pain free and tooth free. Hope you are able to enjoy your weekend and hope you get to talk to your daughter soon!



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Will keep you in my thoughts Wolfen...



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What a "novel" idea! Someone in a completely different field saw that you were in pain and actually offered to help you. LOL

Actually, despite the fact that I'm a faithful tooth brusher and mouthwash user, my teeth don't appreciate my efforts. I've had the same dentist for about forty years and he would have fit me in, but my time was restricted by Ron's appts., so first thing Mon., I'll call them again with next week's tentative schedule and maybe I can get this puppy out.

At least the pain pills allow me to sleep. Bad habit, I know.

Thanks, Linda. I know you're not far away and one of these days when I get time to breathe, we"ll talk.



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boy you sound so busy i really hope you let yourselves relax over the weekend.

Your taking the antibiotic which is probably what you have to do for your tooth right now anyway, so with nothing else to do might as well relax, and take care of yourself.

Sleep is good. 

Take care..Ed

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