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MD Anderson

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Hi, all. I'm going to MDA next week to see what they can do for me. I have stage IV rectal cancer, have not had surgery/resections yet, just 12 treatments of Folfox plus avastin.  Seemed to have done some good, but from everything I've read (including on Herman Cain Cool), cutting the junk out is the best option for maximum survival.

Anybody out there have experience with MD Anderson? Any recommendations?

much obliged


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Haven't been there, Karin. But wanted to wish you the best. Good decision to go there. Heard many good stories, though.

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I'm sorry I can't give you any MDA info. for colon cancer as my hubby has a different cancer. I can tell you, however that everyone is very nice, very caring, organized for the most part, and the doctors seem to be very knowledgable and competent. They are very agressive in their treatments, patient's health permitting. You will meet a whole bunch of new people, so be sure and grab a business card from every dept. you visit. From seeing their ads, I got the impression there would be one "go to" person for all your questions. That part is not necessarily true.

I have found  that you really must be your own advocate as far as keeping hubby's various meds and appts. straight. As with any large organization, there's bound to be a few mix ups bwtween departments.

He is being treated at MDA in Gilbert, Az. which is associated with the Banner Health System here. They are relatively new to this area(about 4 years), but it appears the docs we have seen so far have done some of their residency at MDA Houston.

Hope this helps some and Good Luck.



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Their reputation is well-earned.

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Perky chick
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I was diagoosed in Aug 2012 with stage 3 and have had all my treatment at md. Your oncologist will coordinate your team which may include a surgeon, radiologist etc.  I have had radiation/chemo, surgery and just started FOLFLURI once we realized it was back and imull lymph nodes.  EveryCedric's very nice and amazingly runs pretty much on time especially considering the amount of folks there everyday.  I think you will be pleased with the treatment and if you aren't they take patient advocacy very seriously.  Good luck and see ya in the waiting rooms.



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thanks, all. I'll be there tomorrow



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