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false negative?

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Hello, i had a petscan done on my colon . it showed uptake fdg of 7 and a mass. Had a catscan done showed nothing?...now doctor wont do anything..what can i do?

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I would get a disc and narrative report for both scans and seek another opinion.  You did not say what kind of doctor you have--is he/she a colorectal specialist?  If not, that's who I'd schedule with for another look.  My SUV (uptake) on my staging PET/CT scan after diagnosis was 7.8.  I had a 2cm tumor.  However, the tumor was "faintly seen" on the CT portion of the scan.  I would definitely seek a second opinion from a specialist if I were you.  Have you had an anoscopic exam?  I would definitely have one done by a CR doctor.  It is a short scope used to view the anal canal.  No prep is necessary, it is only slightly uncomfortable and can be done in the doctor's office.  If the doctor who is not doing anything does happen to be a specialist, then find another specialist.  You need to be thoroughly checked out.  I hope all turns out well for you. 

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I agree, I would get another opinion and continue checking. Better safe than sorry later.

Also, why did you go in the first place? What were other symptoms?

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