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Diet - Foods

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HI All..!

I may of missed it.. but I did not see any discussion on Cancer diets...   So, we all learned eons ago to reduce red meat to reduce Cancer risk.. I have reduced my red meat by about 99%..!

But what about other foods... anyone hear of the Essiac Report and the tea it suggests..??

And we all know that a salt reduction is good to keep our one Kidney happy... any good tips on where to get Zero salt foods..??

For the other newbies... read the labels on everything... you may be surprized at what is in the food you eat...


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Hi Ron,

You may have missed this. I posted the following on an earlier thread (A Concise Guide to Taking Sutent):

I have been taking the recommended maximum dosage of Sutent (50mg/day) since last August. [Since I have bone mets to my sacrum and left femur I also get a monthly shot of Xgeva - Denosumab].  I am about to start on cycle #5 for me (one cycle = 4wks on followed by 1 wk off).


I have posted elsewhere that in all this time I have had no significant side effects from taking Sutent.  I believe there is a major reason for this.  It has to do with the diet and certain supplements that I take.


What I am doing is primarily based on following the recommendations outlined in the book, "Life Over Cancer" by Dr. Keith I. Block. But my research extends far beyond that.


I have prepared a 45-page .pdf document that explains in detail the science and rationale behind both my diet and the supplements I take.  It also lists other resources you can explore to get a better understanding of proper diet, nutrition, and cell metabolism - regardless of whether or not you intend to follow what I am doing.


If you email me at: n.feldman@videopost.com I will be glad to email you (or anyone reading this) a copy.



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Forgot to add.  Stay away from Essaic Tea.  It is a waste of time.  It is not based on any peer-reviewed evidence or good science. Plus there are so many different variations on the actual recipe that it is hard to even say what is in it.


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