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My son Brain Cancer

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In 2007 at the age of 14 my son was diagnosed with two gliomas, one attached to the optical nerve (which left him vision impaired) and the other one attached to the pituitary gland. He went through 30 sessions of radiation and 6 months of chemo. After 2 years of treatment he went into remission for 2 yrs. On his fith aniversary (april 27, 2012) the MRI showed no signs of cancer. Unfortunatelly 4 months later a Glioblastoma- stage 4 was discovered on the middle of the brain sterm. We were told this tumor is what doctors called indused tumor due to the previous radiation. He went through 15 sessions of radiation and chemo for 6 wks. MRI showed the tumor was stable, but outside the radiation field he just finished, a new tumor was formed. He is now taking temodar, we just finised the first round last week. The next MRI will be after the second round of temodar. So far, they keep saying the prognosis is very low, but we believe in miracles, they do happens. We keep praying for the best. His attidute and energy towards the whole situation is and have been amazing. The doctors were able to perform a biopsy and that took them 7 hours. Unfortunately surgery at this point is not an option.

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    Never let doctors take away your hope.  They do not know what is in the future or how your son

will respond to treatments and trust in the LORD.  Keep fighting and may your have the strength

to continue on this journey called life.



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Just last thursday they told us that he will have 3 to 6 more months. Imagine that!

But we believe that only GOD will know when. He is doing pretty good mentally, emocionally and physically.


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As a mother of child going through the same disease.  You can never know how much time they have.  God will help you and your son.  Your son sounds like an amazing young man. My prayers are with him.

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