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Radioembolization... Anyone had this?

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does anyone have experience with Radioembolization?



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My daughter had Theraspheres in May and June of last year, one lobe at a time a month apart. She had extensive liver mets all through the liver. She is doing very well. I learned about Y90 microspheres from Suzanne Lindley of YES! Beat Liver Tumors when I was trying to find hope for my daughter back when all this started over a year ago. I found Suzanne, a 14+ year survivor of stage IV colon cancer with inoperable liver mets. My daughter is actually in NYC right now with Suzanne and other cancer survivors for a PLITZS Fashion Week charity benefit for Beat Liver Tumors. Suzanne actually had SIR Spheres (essentially the same thing as Theraspheres) back when they first came into use and it killed all her liver tumors. She has an amazing story. My daughter still has some questionable low level PET activity in the liver and might get the spheres again if needed. Waiting to see what the plan will be.


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this is great news.  thank you for sharing.

how long ago did she receive this Y90 treatment?

I'm just learning about it as I am also inoperable.... and a 2nd opinion has come up with this as a possible option for me.

thank you





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This is an option for Steve if surgery is ruled out. It is not covered here, therefore we would have to pay. It's 15 k per session. He would likely require two sessions. Needless to say, we are hoping for surgery!


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sorry that reply is for chemo embolisation, not radio embolization. my friend with sirt spheres did not do well, readings of sandys daughter sucess really encouraging.

maybe one day they will try both, techniques together. the radio misses the opportunity to synergise with immunotherapy. that is  a serious

option from dr chang in the new york.


i think the skill of the doctor essential and the off label drug use also. ie local avastin not systemic.

so far one session per month, no systemic chemo, i have had 4 sessions so far.

if you get local avastin it supposedly helps with stopping local immune suppression in the local tumour micro environment.

no onc will tell you this, they just dont know or try these german technics.

consider the incredibly damaging results from surgery on your immune sysytem. just google it.

goodluck with whatever you decide and try.

my 2cents worth.



ps you can always try minimum intervention first, they can always cut and dice later. these procedures offer the best quantity and quality of life, they say. 

if a tumour breaks out they can always chop it. i like the monthly mri and cat scan as a part of the procedures.

if my tumours even blink they will get poisoned and attacked by my immune system. i feel sorry for them, but its time they left me

to enjoy whatever life i have got.

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I was considering SiRTEX microspheres treatment or chemoembolization quite recently. I decided to avoid SIRT and try chemoembolization instead. My two reasons: Firstly people have had their livers destroyed and did not survive the SIRT treatment. My second reason is I want to pursue immunotherapies. There are reports that the cells that survive SIRT may gain new mutations as result of the radiation and this can make immunotherapies less effective.

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