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What a day :(

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On top of the stress of Jeff's cancer (seeing the oncolugist tomorrow for 1st follow up) my 13 year old daughter's father passed away this morning of CHF. I had to tell her when got home from school. She was very close to him. He btought her home last night agter her basketball game and looked and sounded good. You just never know.  It might be a long night and we have a blizzard coming tomorrow... will ptobably be up all tomorrow night plowing. Ugh


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That is sad....and shocking!  You're right.....you just never know....I feel very bad for your daughter, 13 is so young to lose a parent. 

The storm looks like it's going to hit a lot of folks hard.....I don't envy your weather!

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i am so sorry you are being so challenged right now. And how very sorry for your daughter to have lost her Dad. 

I hope that Jeff gets a good report tomorrow. 

I don't think we will get hit as hard as those north of us tomorrow, but I'll be thinking of you.

i hope that you get a break soon. You really deserve it.


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I have a 14 year old daughter ( and four boys) and I konw how close I am to them.  Thinking and ;whispered a prayer for you and your daughter ...pleae pass along my sympathy to her.   I wish your online family could do more ......





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To hear about this, I swear when it rains it pours. I was a bit younger than your daughter when my mom passed away so I can relate to how she might be feeling right now. My prayers go out to you both.

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My heart goes out to your daughter, such a loss at such a young age.  You are right we just never know.  I hope Jeff's check up goes well.....but give it time.  We're looking at more snow here to....central Mn.  But not until Saturday through Sunday nite.  Sounds like a doosie !  Stay safe and warm.  My thoughts of healing goes out to Jeff, and your little one.   Katie

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I hope Jeff is doing fine and that his onc. appt. goes well.


So sorry to hear about the unexpected passing of your daughters father, how sad.


Just watched the weather channel, if you are in pink your going to get snow.



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Going out to you and your family...


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