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So far, so good :-)

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Radiologist herself came out to let me know bone scan is unchanged!  Yippee!!!  I am still waiting to hear about the chest Xray, but I am beginning to wonder if this is the freakin shingles again?  I took a valtrex per my pcp's instructions and he is calling in more.

I hate shingles, if that is what this is, but it sure beats the alternative :-). 

I felt all of your support today.  Thank you one and all!  Stay tuned, but praying this is "just" shingles.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Yippeeee on the bone scan!!  Booooo on the shingles!!  (But I'm glad you have the Valtrex on hand)  I hope you are still able to enjoy Savannah and your sisters.




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Posts: 4014
Joined: Oct 2009

Thanks Linda.  Now, next question, if this is shingles, how many times can I get them?  This would be bout #4. :-(

But, if that is what this is, I will take it.  I am eligible for the vaccine next month.  Don't know if it will help but I will be getting it on my birthday...lol!

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Dear CC,

I don't believe that there is a limit on times one can come down with shingles.  Cry  As I told you, I had shingles twice 19 years apart.  It is something I don't want again.  Like inverse psoriasis and fibromyalgia which I also have had a number of times, and are similar in pain as shingle, it's awful.  

It is better than progression but pain is pain and it's just awful.  Is there anyway you can have the vaccine if you beg hard enough?

It's jumping to conclussion when all the evidence isn't in.  However, I am so happy that test #1 came out good for you.  Smile

Best wishes for the x-ray,



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Jean 0609
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Great news about the bone scan.  Sending positive thoughts & prayers for shingles, if that's what you are hoping for.  I know how painful they are, but hey it does beat the alternative.  Let us know when you can.


Look our Savannah, here she comes.





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Thanks Jean.  You are so right!  I am going to have fun even if I have to stay tanked up on something!  Good thing it is a walking city (as opposed to driving).  Lol, I'll try not to walk into a bench.  But I'm going to see my family and having FUN!

Savannah or bust.  I'll post a photo :-)

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So glad to hear the bone scan news, Cynthia.  I hope you don't have shingles.  Can't wait to see your Savannah pictures.  Enjoy!  Linda

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Have no idea how often you can get shingles, broher has them for a.second time now. Glad scans were good. Now you can really have a good time.

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