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Good news for a change

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Finally we have received some good news. David is in complete remission from the Plasma Cell Leukemia.  His is in doing a full body bone scan to see if there is progress on the condition of his bones.  They are going to be doing a lot of tests in the near future.  More PET scans, etc.  They want to try to make the case the throat cancer is cured and his body is well enough for a transplant.  A far cry from what we heard at our last appointment.  It is still a long shot, but at least a ray of hope. Thanks for your continued prayers.  God is in control.  I am hoping he is showing off with a miracle for my husband. 

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wonderful, Our God is a good God!!

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Wonderful news! I hope you & David get caught up in the moment and take time to enjoy the good news.... stop and smell the roses!

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Seems I heard that somewhee before....

Miracles do happen, believe in them.

Best ~ John

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At long last, I get to dance YOU around the kitchen....I've been waiting for this day.  I'm not even going to think about the "long shot"...in my mind I'm picturing him getting that transplant....Have faith in them, Viv....they may very well have been down this road before (maybe not with HNC, but another type of cancer)....and they know precisely what to put in the request to get granted the transplant...

It IS a miracle.....YES!!


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Just got home and the first thing I saw was your great news. Hope the transplant becomes possible. Remember, "Never, Ever Give Up".



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All I can say is ditto to what everyone else has said.  It is wonderful news and I'm so happy for you both. 



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I am so happy for you Vivian... I am so smiling, and going to say a thank you prayer.. 

Just Wow!

celebrate with David, if he has any energy left after all those tests!


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Give him a big hug and then do something nice for yourself. You have both been through a lot and you deserve a break. :-)

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Way to go David. That is so encourging. I will continue to pray along with everyone that it continues to be positive news each day.

And how r u Vivian.. I have been worrying about you?

thougts and ptayers


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So glad to hear this wonderful news!


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Yes it was very nice to have some positive news although there is so much to process and David is wondering how much he wants to fight. Part of him wants to say he believes he will be totally healed and doesn't want to continue treatment, while the other part wants to continue your fight. Before all he had was do I continue chemo or not. Now he feels slightly overwhelmed by the addition of a possible transplant.  I am still concerned about the house.  Our lawyer goes back to court on the 13th to argue for mediation. One hurdle at a time though. 

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I too pray this is the miracle you seek ....whispered a paryer the same ....say hello to David ...very happy for you both.



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I am so happy you got some good news today! It's about stinkin' time!!!
I do so believe in the power of prayer and also our advances in medical treatment and powerful drugs. I am going to keep praying that everything keeps looking up and David will have more good days than bad.
Right now the house situation is not in your control so don't give it another thought. Let your attorney deal with it and just focus on loving that husband of yours.
I'm so happy for you I am literally smiling!!!

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Ingrid K
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long overdo.  So very happy for you both.

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Diane and I have had you both in our prayers and glad to hear some good news, I believe David will continue to fight the good fight, and with you by his side he is in good hands.  God Bless you both.

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Jan Trinks
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I'm so thrilled to hear this news. Complete remission. WOW!   As the old hymn goes, "It Is No Secret What God Can Do!"  Have a fantabulous Valentine's Day coming up.  Keep us posted on the transplant news and hey, it may be a long shot, but it's big step in the right direction! I remember Charlie's onc. telling me when I asked him how do you handle this kind of work day in and day out?  (Now he's all medicine 24/7 and keeps up with the latest research) and he said, "When people come to us we're they're last hope and if we can get them to the point where we can help provide hope, then  we feel like we have at least made their lives a little better."  And remember, "Hope springs eternal."  Praying for y'all as always.  God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)

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What awesome news! My ex-brother-in-law had a rare form of leukemia. My ex-wife was a perfect match. The first treatment went exceptionally well and now that he's recovered, they're doing another marrow transplant. This will effectively makehim more of his sister than himself :) Point is, he's doing great and I'm thrilled to see David getting a shot of hope. God is good :)



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for the little good news. You and David certainly deserve it. And your good news also gives me hope. My tunnel is dark right now, and I could use some good news.  But I'll put my woes in my own thread. Rick.

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