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Update on Pet/Ct

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Well this stinks...Larry's pet scan came back and we don't know what is going to happen next. We dont see the surgeon until next Friday. This may be the longest week ever.The pet scan showed that the main tumor has shrunk significantly. However he now has a 3cm lymph node in the trachea. Also lymph node activity in the precarinal, subcarinal, and aorticolpulmanary window and bilateral hilar??? What does all this mean??? Also a nodule in left lung and nodule at base of right lung. Oncologist says he is not convinced these are all cancer, he is leaving it all up to surgeon. Has anyone else seen this on their reports? Onc says surgeon may want to do different chemo, or postpone surgery"wait and see", or not do surgery at all. I hate to see him do surgery if the beast is just running rampant. Ugh, such a heavy heart right now. any insight would be great.

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if the oncologist is not convinced that all or any spots contain cancer then the surgeon will probably want to do a biopsy or two to find out. Such a long wait would drive me crazy but hang in there. When you do find out you will also be able to plan an attack to battle this new development. My thoughts are with you and I wish you the very best!


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Wish I had some concrete information for you. But, I don't. I can sympathize with you about the wait; it is one of the hard things about fighting this beast.

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