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Unwelcome, Unexpected Surprise

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We met with the MDA Rad Onc today. The good news is that there appears to be no lymph node involvemnt in the lung area, so Ron will be preparing for 4 Rad treatments on the lung which the doc feels will eradicate that tumor. I'll make arrangements to get his teeth pulled as he prepares for the tougher phase, the 35 H&N rads to run concurrently with chemo. The not so good news is that the tumor is growing into his nasal cavity and heading for his eye socket, so it's imperative that treatment be started ASAP. There will probably not be any surgery other than the placement of a feeding tube

Tomorrow, we'll be seeing the urologist in the morning. I'm hoping there will be a quck fix for those problems. And then on to the cardio. Also hoping that he can restart his other diuretics to alleviate the swollen feet and ankles.

And on the other side of the country, my daughter, Johnnybegood will be having her spleen removal surgery tomorrow.

So please, if you have an extra prayer or good vibe, send it toward my baby for her surgery and for my poor hubby.

Thanks guys,



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Prayers and good vibes going to both your hubby and your baby...I am SO glad to hear that they've figured out their plan and things are moving forward.  It looks like with the need of only 4 rads to the lung that his HNC is going to be addressed quickly....good!!  This has been a long haul getting to this point...so I'm sending you some good vibes, too........and a huge hug......


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You are all penciled in for prayer and good vibes.  I just have to hope (and expect) everything goes well for your daughter and your hubby.





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To you and yours....


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Will be keeping you in both my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything I can do for you let me know.



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I just closed my eyes and said a prayer for you and your family.  Ann

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My prayers are with your daughter, her dad and her incredible mom.


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D Lewis
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Hope everything goes smoothly for hubby and your sweet daughter.


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All my thoughts are with your daughter through her surgery.  They never ever stop being our babies. (it's for life)  The news from MDA is very encouraging !  Please keep us updated.  All my thoughts and love sent your direction !   Katie

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Prayers for your daughter, hubby, and yourself to have peace soon.

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I hope the surgery went well, and Ron can get started on treatments ASAP!

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Continuing to pray for protection and strength to endure for your family. 

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