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Moving Forward

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Just wanted to give an update on my hubby, Ron. We met with MDA Rad Onc today. Another unwelcome, unexpected surprise. First, the good news. Ron will be getting 4 rad treatments on his lung tumor. No lymph nodes lit up in the area on the PET, so no major surgery is recommended. The doc is fairly confident this will eradicate that tumor. The not so good news is that the H&N tumor is growing in his nasal cavity and heading for his eye socket. So the plan is to take care of the lung first, while concurrently having his teeth removed to be ready for the 35 rad treatments on his H&N, which will run concurrently with chemo. He will also be scheduled for a feeding tube placement somewhere in there. Doc was quite truthful in saying that this will be horrible, but if the rest of his body can withstand all this, in probably a year's time he will reach his new normal. No surgery is in the plan as doc is hopeful the chemo and rads will cure this. Hearing the word "cure", of course, leaves me skeptical, only because we all know what a sneaky little devil cancer is.

Tomorrow, we meet with the urologist. Fingers crossed that his urination problem can be solved quickly so as not to delay cancer treatments any longer. Then off to cardio. Hoping that he can resume his other diuretics. He has lost about 35 lbs. not being able to eat, but his feet and ankles still terribly swollen.

So please, as you think of my JBG, throw in a few extra good vibes for her stepfather, Ron.



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I've got plenty of good vibes to toss around, so sending them to Ron's way as well.  And throwing in a few for you dear, you certainly are the rock, but even you need a few good vibes sent your way as well.


Winter Marie

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It sounds like there is a good, solid plan in place for Ron. You're family is going through so much. You must feel overwhelmed. Hope things work out for everyone. Be sure to look after yourself!


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You've got it! Wow, what an ordeal Ron is facing. You, too. Glad you have a plan in place now and I hope and pray it goes well. Thinking of all of you.


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Oh my goodness, your poor hubby...   :(   I'm so very sorry that your loved ones are going through so much suffering.  Try to hang in there dear, and make sure that you also try to take care of yourself too.

Take care,


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