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Finding a doctor

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I'm a 12 year stage 3 cancer survivor. I was diagnosed when I was 21 years old. I'm moving to Madison, Wisconsin and was hoping to get names of great doctors in that area. I also need a dentist who has experience working with oral cancer patients. Any help would be great.

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My good buddy Ingrid lives fairly close to that area, she might offer up some info...

Here is a link to a map that I made awwhile back..., actually I need to make some updates on it;

CSN ~ Where In The World Are You...

You can see a few people in the area that you are headed.


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down the road a bit at Loyola University in Chicago is Dr. Barrowdale, he has been on my cancer team for 17 years and my primary ent for the last approx 10 years. 

you will love Madison


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Ingrid K
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Hi Abbimom

I, like John, (above)  was treated at Loyola (outside Chicago) by Dr. Borrowdale.  I'd say if you were just starting treatment, definitely to to Dr. Borrowdale.  He saved my life for sure.   But since you are looking for follow-up care, it would be a bit of a trip for you.   However, I have heard excellent things about the Univ of Wisconsin at Madison.

I will see if I can find out more info for you.  There might be someone closer that was treated there.  I will snoop around.... Welcome to the Midwest !



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My february issue of SPOHNC, support for people with oral head and neck cancer, list the following contact folks in Madison:


Rachael kammer, 608-263-4896, Kammer@surgery.wisc.edu

Peggy wiederholt, 608-265-3044,, wiederholt@humone.wisc.edu

They will more than likely personally know every doc associated with head and neck in that area. Best of luck to you.

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Ingrid K
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thanks for the info. 

I am having no luck finding any survivors in that area.

Abimom:  these are the folks who would know all about docs in the Madison area.



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Thank you for your responses. It is great to know that there are resources out there. Looking forward to moving. Thinking about contacting Timothy McCullough with univ. of wisconsin. Anyone hearantsy thing about him. Thank you!


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