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Thank You Everyone!

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I wanted to Thank Everyone for all of the support and prayers!


My wife Laurie went under the knife for Thyroid surgery 3 weeks ago.  It turned out to be hurthle cell follicular non-cancerous tumor!   Wooo Hoooo  A big sigh of relief!  Laurie had her thyroid removed because the tumor was so large, but turned out to be benign!


Only one of us needed cancer at a time! lol We both Thank all, for the thoughts and Prayers!

I am back on Chemo, Folfiri w/Avastin until April. We have gotten in contct with UCSD, Dr. Andrew Lowey for posible and most likley surgery mid to end of April. (HIPEC Surgery) 

Another Positive, A neighbor decided to start Juicing, eating healthier, and losing weight. He told me I had inspired him for the change in life style. "If you can do it while being sick, why can I not do it while being healthy." Something good from my cancer journey!

Best Always, mike

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Fantastic news about the thyroid tumor being benign!

Best thoughts for your consult about HIPEC.

As for the neighbor, you just never know what positive impact you can have on others.

Wishing you all good things as you continue the journey.

Marie who loves kitties

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How wonderful about your wife!!!!  I'm so glad you are getting the chance at HIPEC, best to you with the chemos and great news on your positive effect on your neighbor!!!

Sounds like a good week for you.

Winter Marie

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That is fantastic news!!! Good for you both!!

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Wonderful news. Must be a big relief to be dealing with just one cancer. Thanks for the update. Nice that you were able to make a difference with regards to your neighbor. People, like you and so many others here have the opportunity to set an example for others. I've pointed this out to my husband as battles his cancer with strength and courage. The people around us, friends, neighbors etc... may eventually develop cancer themselves. When this time comes, they will remember seeing Steve out walking, living a healthy lifestyle, keeping busy and enjoying life despite being on chemo. This will motivate and give hope to people coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis. It's hard for me to come up with many positive comments to make re cancer, however, having this disease does provide an opportunity to help and inspire others by setting an example in the way you manage your disease. Hope things continue to go well for you and Laurie.


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happy for both of you



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So glad this turned out to be only a bump in the road for Laurie and hope she is feeling much better.

Good news abut the HIPEC. I'm not familiar with this treatment, but wish you much success.

We'll be meeting the Rad Onc at MDA this afternoon to discuss a plan for hubby's lung tumor(one of many appts. this week)

Onward & Upward.



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You and your husband are in our thoughts and prayers. We always pray for your strength during these rough times.


Best Always, mike

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WOOHOOO IS RIGHT ON LaughingLaughing !!!!

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I'll bet you were both very relieved!  The "one per family" policy should definitely apply to cancer.  AA


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Very, very, good, Mike. Thanks for the update.
You both take care!

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Wonderful news!  Please keep us updated on your HIPEC journey.   I am looking at seeing one of the HIPEC specialists in Baltimore.  I don't know if I need it (for my signet ring cell ) just yet...if I am a candidate for it or nOT.   My dr thinks that they got it all when I had my surgery.... It did go to 4 out of 18 lymph nodes.... So I am still concerned that this will come back in the peritoneum.  I just need to wait until I get the results of my liver MRI that is scheduled for this Friday.



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It is so good to here no cancer to deal with.  Pray you and everyone stays well.  Jeff

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That's good news!!!




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I will keep the updates on the HIPEc journey. We have alll my records sent to UCSD Dr. Lowey. We are waiting for a schedule to meet. We have a friend whom let us use their Condo on the beach in Sa Diego and a couple of others offered to put us up North of LA if I need the healing time.  Now it is a wait and see game.


Laurie is healing well, and the thyroid meds seem to be balanced.  


We are enjying the snow! We woke up to 6 inches of snow on the ground. We live in the mountains of Arizona and enjoy the outdoors.

Best Always, mike



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