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What Chemo Causes Mouth Sores?

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Hi there... I had mouth sores when I was on Avastin which I know was a side effect but I have switch chemo to Irritecan and Eurbitux and now I have a bad case of mouth sores.  Is this left over from the Avastin or are mouth sores common with other chemos?

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5FU and irinotecan can both cause mouth sores.

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I'll be starting on 5-FU.  Does ringing with warm water and salt make it better?  That's what my doctor suggested to me and he also mentioned rinsing with alvo vera.

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My mouth sores started a few days ago. I am on FOLFOX & 5FU.

Anyone tell me of a mild tasting toothpaste, I would be eternally grateful. The ones I have in the house just burn my tongue up. 

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I was advised to swish with baking soda & water, I think it neutralizes the acid in your mouth (but really I don't know).   Aloe Vera sounds interesting.    I think most of the chemo's can cause this...I didn't actually know avastin would ..... I haven't had this issue till I had my teeth cleaned recently while on folfiri.   I more so have gotten cold sores on my lips, mainly due to sun exposure during summer months.    Heading on a trip next week and I'm concerned, I can get bad break outs on my lips and face from the sun......

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Interesting. Steve can't find a dentist that will clean anyone's teeth providing they are on chemo. Must be off chemo for 6 weeks. Funny how these things vary from area to area.

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that is mostly because if you bleed and we all do when they clean our teeth.. it won't heal and there are just too many germs to contend with in the mouth.

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I had bad mouth sores and ulceration when I was on 5fu. Mine was via canula each Tuesday. I used a mouth wash of a table spoon of salt and bi-carb soda disolved in warm water . It can be used as ooften as you like. It cleared my mouth up and after that I always sucked iceblocks when having an infusionand put an icepack over my eyes. Ron.

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