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Hi everyone,

frist can I say that I haven't be diagnosed with anything or might not be. I am experiencing some symtoms that I would like to share with you all and maybe get your feed back. 


I went to the doctor back in November with flu like symtoms and a lump on each side of my neck. She told me to come back after six weeks if the lumps didn't go away. Well I left it until jan this year as one lump didnt. She referred me to the ENT and told me it could take upto four weeks to get appointment. Two weeks later my legs swollen up, my left one was bigger than the other. She sent me to the hospital In case of blood clot. They took my blood and checked my legs. The doc asked about mug lump on my neck and ask for any other symtoms which are....

  • Lump of right side of neck.
  • very itchy all over but mainly my legs.
  • sweating at night but not allot.
  • ive lost some weight.
  • i had pain on my shoulder and in the middle of my back( but that's gone now).
  • twich in my right eye(comes and goes). 

The doc at the hospital pushed my appointment forward and am going tomorrow to get test done. I've researched the web and all that's coming up is cancer. If you guys could give me your honest thoughts. Thank you all so much. 


Tess. Xx



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