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Hi everyone,

frist can I say that I haven't be diagnosed with anything or might not be. I am experiencing some symtoms that I would like to share with you all and maybe get your feed back. 


I went to the doctor back in November with flu like symtoms and a lump on each side of my neck. She told me to come back after six weeks if the lumps didn't go away. Well I left it until jan this year as one lump didnt. She referred me to the ENT and told me it could take upto four weeks to get appointment. Two weeks later my legs swollen up, my left one was bigger than the other. She sent me to the hospital In case of blood clot. They took my blood and checked my legs. The doc asked about my lump on my neck and ask for any other symtoms which are....

  • Lump on right side of neck.
  • very itchy all over but mainly my legs.
  • sweating at night but not allot.
  • ive lost some weight.
  • i had pain on my shoulder and in the middle of my back( but that's gone now).
  • twich in my right eye(comes and goes). 

The doc at the hospital pushed my appointment forward and am going tomorrow to get tests done. I've researched the web and all that's coming up is cancer. If you guys could give me your honest thoughts. Thank you all so much. 


Tess. Xx



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tall floridian
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Tess please let us know how the tests come out. Swelling of the legs indicate a possible blood clot which they should be able to tell quickly with an ulta sound test. I have a blood clot in both legs and am being treated with blood thinner. You will be in my prayers - keep your spirit's high - God's in control. Hugs - Steve

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Thank you so much for your reply. They did tests for the bllod clots and it came back okay. I am now going tomorrow to see if the lump in my neck is due to cancer. I am so scared but hoping for the best. Sorry if I never explained myself right, I guess I was just looking for peoples thoughts on my symtoms. Again thank you so much for your kindness.




Tess. xxx

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Well, I'd like to say, please don't worry but I realize that's impossible.  If you could, take things as they come.  Thankfully you have an appointment tomorrow.  Unfortunately, there may be some more waiting for the results.  Try not to search on the web, just hang in there and try to keep busy.  Wishing you the best possib;e outcome.


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Thank you so much for your reply. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Again thank you and I will keep this post updated.


Again thank you.


Tess. xx

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Hi, I am in limbo right now as well, waiting to find out. I have had many symptoms as well, main ones being night sweats every single night now, some swollen lymphnodes neck and groin. I am weeks out from any answers, I'm hoping its just hyper thyroid or something, but I can't stop being scard. Good luck and please update. 

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Since your neck swelling was symmetrical (both sides the same), that by itself would initially indicate infection or mono. But, you have a lot of other stuff, some of which sounds a little like possibly lymphoma, but some not.   Most likely it is something non-cancerous.  Do not worry yourself at this early point, just demand answers, which may require further tests, or even numerous tests.

Bless your results, and do share, if you are so inclined.


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Wait for the doctors to get some results before jumping to conclusions based on searches online. Once they make a diagnosis, then you can use the internet to learn about what they suspect. We are not  (at least probably not many) doctors qualified to diagnose you.  I did have some of the same symptoms as you describe and do indeed have follicular lymphoma grade III, but you will likely have something totally different.

Also if the tests take a while, wait as patiently as you can. I had a hard time waiting as all the tests spanned Thanksgiving, then Christmas and finally New Years. Treatments began the 7th of January as I had a number of sympoms causing problems, otherwise indolent lymphomas can wait a while as they are slow growing.

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